Your Water Heater or Furnace Says A lot About Your RV

man and woman in front of RV

So how can an RV water heater say so much? Well, remember seeing those Intel commercials urging you to look for computers with “Intel inside”? Intel gave you confidence that those computer brands were higher quality than others without that Intel emblem. You can apply the same thinking to RVs. As you are reading this blog there’s a good chance you own an RV with Truma On Board. If so, you have invested wisely in an RV brand that makes a strong effort to provide owners with an experience well above the average.

We are proud to serve RV manufacturers that put user experience high on their priority list even though it costs a little more to do so. As an RV owner, the only thing that should matter to you is having the best experience possible when enjoying your limited recreation time. We won’t go into the ways that we build quality and performance into each Truma product, you’ll find that information throughout this website if you want to look further. Instead, we want to congratulate you for choosing a quality RV with Truma On Board. We hope you are proud of your RV and the fact that you have a symbol of high quality on board.

If your RV doesn’t have Truma On Board we’re happy you visited our web blog and hope you can understand the pride and enthusiasm our owners enjoy. Much like brands such as Intel, Apple and Bose create enthusiastic supporters based on technical advances, sophisticated capabilities and a feel-good image, Truma has been well recognized as a premium brand in Europe for decades and is quickly becoming a brand that RV owners aspire to have on board in North America as well.

If you do already have a Truma AquaGo, Combi or VarioHeat installed on your RV, show off a little in the campground with a Truma On Board decal. In fact, if you have registered your Truma product warranty you should have already received your decal. If not, it only takes a couple of minutes to register  and you’ll get one in the mail. Or, if you simply want a Truma On Board decal to show off your good taste and RV smarts, send us an email and we’ll get one to you.

Many RV owners with Truma On Board tell us they feel like they are part of a special “Truma On Board Club”. If you own a Truma we hope you feel this way too, and we welcome your comments and suggestions for improving your experiences even more. Please feel free to leave your comments below.

We attend many RV shows and rallies throughout the year and always keep an eye out for RVs that display the Truma On Board decals at these events. If we spot your RV with a decal at such an event we may well stop by and give you an instant Truma gift (perhaps a hat, a shirt, jacket, or even a Truma LevelCheck (See it here) to show our appreciation.

Also, if you send us pics of you and your RV with a Truma On Board decal we’ll try to feature you in a future blog post or give you a shout out on Facebook. Plus, you could win a win some Truma swag!

RV ownership is all about having a good time when you’re off on your travels. We hope that having Truma On Board makes YOUR RV experience more comfortable, more enjoyable and more rewarding. Just be aware that once your friends at the campground see that you have a Truma on Board, they might be knocking on your door to get warm or to take a nice long shower!