Why Truma: Airstream Interstate Owner

Truma Aventa on Airstream Interstate

Gail R. is embarking on a six-week cross-continent road trip that will take her from South Carolina to Vancouver. Her vehicle of choice for this long journey is a 2022 Airstream Interstate 19, and sitting on top is a brand new Truma Aventa eco. Gail had the Aventa installed at Truma’s Lakeland, Florida, service center in March.

Replacing a rooftop air conditioner can be a significant investment as far as RV upgrades go, and it was a decision Gail put a lot of thought into. Simply put, her old factory-installed unit was just way too loud in her 19-foot Class B.

“Our units are pretty small. You can’t get away from the noise when it’s running,” Gail said.

As a member of an Airstream Interstate owners’ group on Facebook, Gail quickly realized she wasn’t the only one with this problem. It was a recurring topic of discussion: what air conditioner are you getting? It became clear there weren’t many options for rooftop air conditioners that would meet their cooling needs and make less noise. Two factors put Aventa in the lead for Gail: reputation and service.

“What made our decision was that we love our Truma Combi furnace and water heater. And when we started researching the Aventa, we found out that you have three (editor’s note: now four!) of your own service centers that would install it,” Gail said. “That made me feel better, knowing that it was being installed by the company that made it and that there were locations we could visit for maintenance after the installation. “

Gail was impressed with the Lakeland service team, who performed her installation, and the Customer Care team, who helped her make her decision.

“I peppered everyone with questions. The guys in Florida were so nice – they even tested the Aventa running on our generator before we left to give us peace of mind. Everyone we spoke to just made the whole process so much easier for us. We’re really happy with our experience,” she said.

Gail is still happy with her decision after having the Aventa for three months in spring in the Southeastern United States. She says even in Florida, the Aventa is so efficient they can use the “low “setting to keep their Interstate comfortable. This helps keep their energy consumption and noise level to a minimum.

“We’ve been traveling a lot and generally keep it in ‘low’ or run the Dehumidification mode just to maintain the temperature. I think we’ve only had to put it on ‘high’ twice. It’s so quiet you can have a normal conversation even when it’s on ‘high.'”