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Where Technology and Comfort Come Together

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When you think about comfortable living, do you think of sophisticated temperature stabilizing mixing vessels, microprocessor temperature stabilization, hydronic heating technology, decalcification technology, or combination RV heating and hot water systems? Probably not!

Chances are, you’re more likely to picture in your mind soft pillows, your favorite comfy chair, a luxurious bath, a pillow-top mattress, and perhaps a warming fireplace. These are not exactly high-tech things! But technology is integral to our daily comforts and, of course, to RV enjoyment.

Let’s focus on RV comfort. You’re away from your comfy home environment and going places that can be downright inhospitable at times. Yet, you still want to enjoy the home comforts in and around your RV household.

Some people love to rough it, but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Today, most RVs pack in all the comforts of home because that’s what most people want. Rapidly advancing technology is changing what you can expect in your RV.

Compare typical new RVs today to just five years ago, and you’ll see huge differences. Centralized control systems are everywhere, Bluetooth® app controls, huge HD TVs, solar power, satellite receivers, and so on are just a few examples. Technology is making a big difference in your comfort on the road.

Take hot water. RVs have provided the luxury of hot water for decades. But, RV hot water has been far from perfect. Small hot water tanks have always meant limited hot water before you simply run out, leading to the infamous “military shower” routine becoming an RV standard. It’s hard to be comfortable in a cold shower, and technology today helps put an end to that routine, letting you enjoy your showers like at home, even with a large family.

The Truma AquaGo instant water heater offers the ultimate hot water comfort for today’s RVs thanks to patented hybrid technology that maintains a constant, endless, safe, and comfortable 120°F output temperature. Everyone in the family gets a hot shower, even when other faucets and appliances are using hot water. Even better than home, with the Truma AquaGo comfort plus, you get hot water instantly when you turn on any faucet in the RV.

Truma AquaGo technology goes beyond reliable hot water, it even makes decalcification of the water heater a simple quick job. The control panel tells you when decalcification is needed, then decalcification tablets are easily used to protect your investment from damage and keep the system working like new. Also, if you’re traveling in freezing temps, Truma sells an exclusive electric antifreeze kit that keeps the system from freezing in winter, without using any LP gas.

Hot water comfort isn’t all that’s important. Campgrounds can get very cold at night, and if you enjoy winter RVing, you know how important it is to maintain warm comfort inside. RV furnaces have been around for decades, but technology today is making heating more efficient and is better addressing the different heating challenges posed by different kinds of RVs. Many new RVs now come standard with Truma’s nearly silent Truma Combi furnace and hot water heater combo or the Truma VarioHeat comfort furnace. The Truma Combi has been around in Europe for almost 20 years, and the VarioHeat is Truma’s newest heating system which became available earlier this year.

To enjoy a great RV experience, you want to be comfortable. If you’re not comfortable, all other aspects of RVing become less fun. We believe that excellent technology built on smart ideas is a key element to your RV comfort and, ultimately to maximize your vacation and travel enjoyment.