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Truma Takes to the Coast

Truma takes to the Coast in Coast by Aero Build

Last month, my team and I embarked on a fun adventure. We traveled from Nashville, Tennessee, to Wilmington, North Carolina, and back. That’s over 1,200 miles in seven days. The trip was the result of a partnership between Truma and a new RV manufacturer, Coast by Aero Build. The idea was to hit the road and show off this all-electric travel trailer and one of its key features — the Truma Aventa air conditioning system. When you are on a marketing team within the RV industry, it is guaranteed that you will meet numerous wonderful people, whether on the road, in a campground, or in a meeting. We have many fantastic OEM partners, and this industry is like nothing else I have experienced in my career. I believe that comes from a specific passion to help others have unforgettable moments. This trip definitely proved my theory. 


We started off in Nashville, where Coast is built by Aero Build. If you haven’t heard of Aero Build, chances are good that the mobile coffee shop in your area was built by this innovative and forward-thinking company. Founded by Brian Fuente, Aero Build has made a deep impact in the small business realm with its unique and innovative approach to the mobile coffee shop/bar/boutique. In his passion for bringing that same innovation to the RV industry, Brian and his team introduced the Coast Model 1 earlier this year.  

Coast in front of Aero Build headquarters in Nashville

We had the chance to meet several of Brian’s team, and it was easy to see why Coast is such a comfortable and well-appointed unit. Their commitment and dedication can be found in every detail of the travel trailer.


After a fantastic first night’s sleep during our stay at the Edgar Ervin State Park in Silver Point, TN, we took off for Asheville, NC. Why was it such a fantastic night’s sleep? Well (cue your best infomercial voice), it was because the Coast was amazingly comfortable from the bed to the Truma Aventa.

Bedroom in Coast by Aero Build

A key part of my day job is to help promote the Truma Aventa, a near-silent, efficient rooftop air conditioning system that does exactly what we say it is going to do. The Aventa kept the trailer at a comfortable 65 degrees all night. For some, that might be too cold; for others, it is not cold enough. For this 50+, post-menopausal female, it was perfect. Not only did we stay comfortable at night, but we weren’t woken up by a loud AC, which I believe is the case with other types of RV air conditioners. 

Later on, we held a consumer meet-up at New Belgium Brewing in Asheville. The goal was to allow consumers the chance to see the Coast Model 1 and feel the quiet comfort of Truma Aventa. We even got to meet several Truma fans who have had one or more of our systems in their RVs for years. It was enjoyable to spend time with other RVers, trading stories and getting tips for the road. 

Wilmington, Surf City, and Top Sail Beach

To say that the drive from Asheville to the North Carolina coast was beautiful is an understatement. We stopped along the way to shoot photography and video of our trip as well as to take in the scenery. That evening, we took the RV to Wrightsville Beach and experienced one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen in many years. It was fun to hang out by the Coast and talk with passers-by about the unit and the partnership between Coast and Truma. Again, we met many current members of the Truma family. 

Coast parked at Wrightsville Beach

If you are hearing Beach Boys music in your head, you are right on target. This area of North Carolina was breathtaking and very warm. We parked the Coast on the coast of the beach for a photo shoot. That day, the Aventa was truly tested as temperatures reached into the 90s, but the inside of the trailer was comfortable, cool, and less humid. We created online content for both Truma and Coast, and we hung out inside the RV, taking meetings and recording interviews — all while the Aventa ran quietly in the background. 

Have I mentioned that I love what I do? We spent time outdoors creating content, shooting drone footage, and seeing areas of the state that were spectacular. On the fifth day, we headed to Selma and set up camp at the North Point RV Resort, where we met several wonderful full-timers. We gave tours of the Coast and answered questions not only about the unit but the air conditioner since it was muggy, rainy, and hot outside. Inside Coast, we were comfortable and nowhere near muggy.

Coast in Downtown Raleigh


Nearing the end of our trip, it was back to the city for us. We left the beaches behind and hit the city streets in Raleigh for another consumer meet-up. This time, we were joined by Sip Side Coffee, a unique mobile coffee bar owned by Bill and Jill Vanarthos, and built by Aero Build. What a treat that afternoon turned out to be. Once again, folks could go inside the Coast, sip on great coffee, and escape the heat outside. Later that evening, we headed back to Asheville and started the sad voyage back home. 

Back Home in Indiana

As we drove back to Indiana, I took some time to reflect on the goals for this trip: build a strong partnership with an OEM who supports Truma, show off this new all-electric travel trailer, and get the chance to experience the Truma Aventa firsthand. As a marketer, I feel strongly that I must believe in the products I promote. The Aventa air conditioning system kept every promise that I had heard, read, and written. It was extremely quiet. It kept this perpetually hot-blooded woman cool and comfortable, and it was the perfect fit for the luxury feel of the Coast. I need to add that as I was thinking through all this as we headed home, I was cranky and sleep-deprived because the hotel air conditioner was loud and did not keep our room nearly as comfortable as the Aventa. Lesson learned.

Coast Road trip crew