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Truma Q+A: Tara Burnett

Truma Q&A Tara Burnett

Tara Burnett of Tara’s Tiny Trailer spoke with us about the Truma systems on board her Happier Camper trailer. Her Truma VarioHeat keeps her comfortable year-round in the Pacific Northwest, while her Truma Cooler keeps her food and supplies cold all year long.

Q: What is your best cold-weather camping tip?

A: It sounds very obvious, but avoid getting super chilled as it’s super hard to recover. I love a good base layer, I bring multiple sources of heat, and my meals are all warm! Even better, I bring supplies to make an amazing mulled cider! 

Q: Where is your favorite cold-weather camping spot?

A: I live in an area that gets a ton of snow each winter. So, I have a few spots where they plow year-round for access, and I especially enjoy a special spot by the river!

Q: How do Truma systems make your camping trips “Simply Better”?

A: My Truma products are essential gear for me and my family.  I rely almost year-round on my Truma VarioHeat Furnace, which keeps my camper toasty warm. I’ve even camped in temperatures in the low 20s thanks to the VarioHeat! With my amazing Truma C69 dual zone cooler, I can always trust my food is at the perfect temperature and I never have to throw anything away at the end of the trip due to ice melt and variable temperatures.  

Q: Why choose Truma systems?

A: The impressive quality and durability of Truma are why the products keep my trips stress-free and enjoyable. I’ve put my systems through the tests on the road, in various weather, and excessive use without issue! 

Follow along with Tara’s adventures on Instagram @TarasTinyTrailer.