Truma Q+A: Kory Davis

Truma Q+A with Kory Davis

Kory Davis, Director of Marketing for Off Grid Trailers spoke with us about how the Truma AquaGo, Truma VarioHeat, and Truma Cooler make their revamped overlanding trailers “Simply Better” before heading out to Overland Expo East

Q: Why did Off Grid Trailers choose Truma systems for their overlanding trailers?

A: As overlanders ourselves, we wanted to build trailers we would want to buy with features we would want to have. Truma systems are designed and tested to be durable and long-lasting, just like our trailers. They provide the comfort we want while still being efficient and reliable off the grid. 

Q: What factors do you consider in the build process for an overland trailer vs. a “traditional” travel trailer? How does Truma fit in?  

A: Off Grid Trailers are extremely durable and capable of tackling the toughest terrain. Off Grid Trailers are designed to get to places that traditional RVs cannot, without hesitation. Our customers are not at campsites with full electrical hook-ups and city water, so they need systems that they can depend on with limited resources.  

Q: How do Truma systems make overland camping “Simply Better” for your customers?

A: Truma’s simple and easy-to-use utilities allow you to enjoy the great outdoors without worry. The reliable hot water on demand and furnace systems make camping Simply Better.

You can learn more about Off Grid Trailers by visiting their website