Truma Cooler Replaces Traditional Deep Freeze

woman holding nose in front of fridge

Last summer, after work one evening, I walked downstairs to our basement to pull out a bag of frozen chicken from our deep freezer. I’m not what you would call a “prepper,” but I have four teenagers, so we tend to go through a lot of food. About once a month, I make a trip to the wholesale grocery store and stock up on meat, large bags of cheese, and other bulk items. It’s always helpful to have a little bit of extra food on hand if we need it. 

It had been about a week since I’d needed anything out of the deep freezer, and as I lifted the lid, the most pungent, foul smell filled my nose. It almost made me gag. My deep freeze was a soupy mess of melted popsicles, mushy chicken, thawed hamburger, soggy corn dogs, and ruined bags of frozen fruit. I quickly realized that somehow the freezer had been unplugged, and for days, everything inside had been melting. All the food was spoiled, and a bunch of money was down the drain. 

Trying to keep my cool, I approached my four kids to see if they had unplugged it. My youngest daughter confessed that earlier in the week, she had decided that the top was the perfect spot to do a craft involving a glue gun with her cousin. She said she had most likely unplugged the deep freeze and glue gun when they finished. 

Bringing the foul-smelling deep freezer up from the basement and getting rid of that whole mess was awful! 

A few months after this happened, Truma came out with the new Truma Cooler fridge/freezer, and I knew I had to get one. I found out that the cooler worked with a Bluetooth app, which allows the user to check and adjust the temperature as needed. That would have come in handy when my deep freezer had been unplugged, but unfortunately, it hadn’t had that helpful technology.

Instead of getting another deep freezer that must be de-iced and sits un-moving in the basement, we decided a Truma Cooler that we can use on family vacations was a better option. We went big with the Truma Cooler C96DZ, one of the seven size options Truma offers. The C96DZ doubles as a side by side fridge/freezer with the possibility of setting both zones to refrigerate or freeze. It’s been the perfect option for storing extra frozen food for our family. Now I can set the temperature and feel confident that the food I’m saving is safe and just the right temperature. 

We have used our Truma Cooler as a second fridge when entertaining or having a big family get-together. When my four teens have a party with friends, we fill it full of water bottles and soda, and inevitably those rowdy teens end up using it as extra seating. I don’t worry much about that, though, because the Truma Cooler is rugged. With its steel-reinforced sides and corners, our kids can hurt that thing. 

Right now, our Truma Cooler is full of extra frozen food, so we don’t have to make unnecessary trips to the grocery during the COVID-19 quarantine. It’s a great feeling to know that the extra food I have on hand is being kept safe in our Truma Cooler and that I’ll never have to deal with another deep freezer nightmare again! 

Melanie Gibson
Sales & Marketing Coordinator