Truma Combi Taking Over Class B Market

Class B motorhomes are sometimes referred to as camper vans or sprinters if they are built on a Mercedes-Benz® sprinter chassis. Despite their compact size when compared to other types of motorhomes, they can be quite luxurious.

In fact, the smaller size is what makes them so sought after by many RVers. They are easy to maneuver into a campground; they do not have the same restrictions when it comes to camping as larger motorhomes do and the size also makes finding somewhere to store your Class B over the winter much easier.

Class B motorhomes, like the Sequence by Thor Motor Coach, have many amenities like a sleeping space, kitchenette and bathroom complete with a toilet, sink and shower. All of these luxuries packed into an RV the size of a van requires expert engineering. This makes the Truma Combi the natural choice because of its lightweight, compact size, the near silent operation and the unit’s energy efficiency. While Thor Motor Coach is one of our latest partners to add the Truma Combi standard, the Combi is becoming the preferred heating and water system on Class B units throughout the industry.

While you can find the Truma Combi in a variety of motorhomes, campers and travel trailers, the Class B segment is where the Combi has found a niche. Limited space is one of the main concerns in a Class B unit so not only is the compact size of Combi important, but the noise level also needs to be at a minimum. The variable speed fan on the Combi ensures a quiet operation, so you don’t wake up every time the heat comes on.

For these reasons and more, the Truma Combi has been the standard in the European caravans for many years and now can be found in most Class B motorhomes in North America.