Truma and Lance: Partners in Quality

lance truck camper in snow

There are so many fun aspects about RVing life that surely no two people would be able to agree on the top “best” things. Time spent with family, surrounded by nature and many leisure activities just steps from your morning coffee and cozy bed are a great start to name a few. But RV activities are not known for being especially clean. So while you’re out there having fun in the mud, dust and dirt Truma is happy to welcome you back to a hot shower and warm RV at the end of your day.

Truma partners with some of the top RV manufacturers in North America and Europe and we are adding new partners every day. But we would not partner with just anyone, our partners share common visions with regard to quality of construction, design and customer service.

One of our valued partnerships is with California-based Lance Camper Manufacturing. The Truma Combi can be found in the Lance Altimeter 1475/1575 travel trailers and the 855s truck camper. The partnership between Truma and Lance developed naturally as the companies share a devotion to providing quality products to its customers. The Truma Combi is a natural fit for quality efficiently sized RVs. Its combination furnace and hot water heater is a smart and unique way to conserve space without compromising comfort.

“Lance is evaluating two other Truma products in the Altimeter, the Truma VarioHeat—which won the top award in the aftermarket category at the 2019 RVX Show—and the Truma AquaGo tankless water heater. Unlike the Combi, the AquaGo is available to the aftermarket and can easily be retrofitted in any existing truck camper or trailer. Because each offers greater efficiency and weight savings, Lance is evaluating them for possible use throughout Lance’s fleet of campers and travel trailers,” according to the company.

Making RVs and RV components lighter weight without compromising quality is an ongoing goal of manufacturers and suppliers alike. The Lance Altimeter utilizes Azdel™ composite panels in the construction of its travel trailers and truck campers as an alternative to plywood. These panels are lighter, provide better insulation as well as have higher resistance to rot. Lance has also removed all Mercury making for an eco-friendly, toxin-free RV.

We understand that the quality of your vacation goes beyond those activities you share with friends and family. It’s the whole experience and we are committed to making sure you have the most comfortable and highest quality experience possible.