Tailgating Time is Here!

tailgating at notre dame

Cool evenings, football games and grills – this could only mean one thing. Tailgating time is here! If you find yourself ready to be a super fan and have a little fun in the parking lot of a college or professional stadium, you are not alone. According to a University of Minnesota study, 18% of fans tailgate before games and 10% of those fans who tailgate do not end up attending the game in person. This means that tailgating in itself is a way to be more involved with the game if you can’t score tickets to see it in person.

You could always take your car, truck or the family mini-van tailgating but then you will miss out on the advantages of experiencing game day in your RV. Those benefits include having your own restrooms, running water, cooking space, relaxation space, TV, space to host multiple friends and staying warm and dry.

Tailgate season starts off warm but by the end, it can literally be freezing. Staying warm is a must to really enjoy yourself as much as possible. When tailgate weather gets really cold outside, Truma heating systems can help your party become the envy of the tailgate crowd.

Truma also provides a solution to ensure that you’ll never run out of LP while you’re keeping warm and grilling for all of your friends. The Truma LevelCheck is a propane level indicator that uses ultra-sound technology to detect the amount of LP in your tank. It’s a useful tool for barbecuing, camping and RVing.