Step Into Your Comfort Zone with Truma Aventa

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The height of camping season – and the dog days of summer – are fast approaching. Right now, you are probably feeling the same giddy anticipation for summer vacation that you felt as a kid on the last day of school. The dog-eared road atlas is on your desk, and you’ve been scouring internet forums for must-see roadside attractions along your route.

Looking back on past summer adventures, the memories are vivid. Do you remember the rainbow over Niagra Falls or driving through Red Wood trunks? Your family remembers how hot it was in Texas, Florida, and of course, Arizona too.

So hot… and humid. And loud. My gosh, it was loud! The rooftop air conditioner couldn’t keep up at all! It whined and whirred the entire trip.

Now as you start planning for this summer, you might be asking yourself: do I really want to spend my entire vacation hot, sweaty, and shouting over my air conditioner?

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Before you answer that question,
it's time to upgrade to the Truma Aventa

Before you answer that question,
it's time to upgrade to the Truma Aventa

We are now offering aftermarket installation of the Aventa on qualifying RVs at select Truma-owned service centers. This replacement offers quiet, energy-efficient cooling for non-ducted applications. Truma offers flat-rate pricing*, including the system, parts, and labor, to help make the decision to upgrade even easier.

Find out of your RV is Eligible 

Installation can be done at Truma Service Centers, or Truma’s Mobile Service Technicians can come to you (travel fees may apply).

Step into your comfort zone this summer. To see if your RV is eligible for an upgrade, please complete the survey here, and we will reach out to schedule your appointment with one of our technicians in Elkhart, Indiana; Lakeland, Florida; Austin, Texas; or Phoenix, Arizona. Mobile Service is available in Florida, Texas, and Arizona.

*Flat-pricing does not include taxes or Mobile Service Technician travel fees.