RV Family Travel Atlas Review: Truma AquaGo

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Experienced RV travel experts, Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi of RV Family Travel Atlas, upgraded their RV water heater to a Truma AquaGo on their Jayco travel trailer. Here is their review. 

Why did we install the Truma AquaGo?

We use our RV. A LOT. The shower, the kitchen, everything. And we have three kids. This means there was never enough hot water to do the dishes after dinner or for everyone to shower. We are the type of people that love having the comforts of our RV. We really don’t use bathhouses, unless absolutely necessary. As our kids are getting older, hot water has become more of an issue. The older boys like their daily showers. This was an upgrade that made a lot of sense for our family.

What is the Truma AquaGo?

The Truma AquaGo has been tempting us for years. We see it at all the RV shows, and many of the high-end Class Bs have them. We’ve been green with envy for a while now. Most of the tankless hot water heaters that have entered the market have gotten mixed reviews. But the AquaGo is a “hybrid” water heater that has a mixing vessel allowing it to achieve a stable water temperature. Folks like the FitRV rave about it, and we trust them when they rave. 

What’s our take on the Truma AquaGo?

  1. This was the sleeper hit of the season. We’ve been RVing with kids for years and to suddenly have endless hot water at the campground was practically a religious experience.
  2. It really, really is instant–within seconds of turning it on the water comes out of the faucets at the perfect temperature.
  3. It really, really is endless–the boys tested this out over the last six months.
  4. It’s bizarrely consistent. You never have to adjust the faucet during an entire shower.
  5. It sips at the propane, which was initially a concern. 


We think this company is doing fascinating things in the RV industry, so we invited Billy DiDonato from Truma onto the show to tell us more about Truma and the AquaGo. Honestly, Billy is really funny and super smart, so you should listen to the podcast interview if interested in this product.