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Truma AquaGo comfort plus

The industry's first instant water heater

The Truma AquaGo provides a residential water heater experience in your RV.

Instant hot water at every tap
Consistent temperature to prevent scalding
Tankless design for endless hot water

Technical Details

Suitable for
Travel trailers and motorhomes
Available for
Nominal input rate
20,000 to 60,000 BTU/h
Water operating pressure
65 psi
Standard water outlet temperature
120° F (49° C)
Water volume
0.35 gallons (1.3 liter)
Fuel inlet pressure
10.5" - 14" wc
Fuel manifold pressure
1.3" - 10" wc
Nominal voltage
12 V DC
Power input
< 2.5 A
Standby current
< 0.045 A
34.2 lbs. (15.5 kg)
12.5" W x 12.5" H x 15.5" D (318mm W x 318mm H x 394mm D)

Happy boy with muddy hands Truma AquaGo comfort plus – Instant. Constant. Endless Hot Water.

Enjoy instant hot water at every tap, every time, with the RV industry’s original “instant” water heater. The Truma AquaGo comfort plus tankless water heater was the first to utilize hybrid technology with a temperature stabilizer. This allows you to adjust your water temperature in the shower or at the sink in your RV, just like you do at home. This tankless RV water heater is the most powerful appliance on the market. Yet, it boasts compact dimensions, straightforward operation, maintenance-friendly internal components, and numerous safety features.

  • Maintain consistent, constant water temperature, even after turning the water off and back on
  • Enjoy hot water at low flow rates, below 0.4 gallons per minute
  • Find the right temperature with microprocessor-controlled step-less burner management between 20,000 and 60,000 BTU
  • Extend life and performance with exclusive decalcification technology
  • Simplify winterization with Truma’s Easy-to-Open Drain Lever
  • Camp in the cold weather with an optional Electric Antifreeze Kit

How does the Truma AquaGo work?

The Truma AquaGo comfort plus instant water heater is connected between the vehicle’s fresh water supply and its hot water system. When the appliance is switched on, the burner starts automatically as soon as the hot water faucet is opened and the flow of the water is greater than approximately 0.4 gallons per minute (1.5 l/min). The stepless burner control adjusts heater output based on flow and inlet water temperature, maintaining an outlet temperature of approximately 120°F (49°C).

A temperature-stabilizing mixing vessel minimizes outlet temperature fluctuations. A comfortable water temperature at the faucet or shower is achieved by mixing it with cold water. The burner switches off automatically when the faucet is closed to conserve LP gas.

The AquaGo comfort plus also features a circulation pump and recirculation line at each faucet. This creates a closed-loop water circuit for the ultimate in comfort.

AquaGo electric antifreeze kit

Love Your Hot Water All Year

Extend your camping season into the colder months of the year with the Electric Antifreeze Kit. This will protect your water heater from frost and freeze in temperatures as low as -4°F (-20 °C) without draining your propane. You can stock up on this and other AquaGo accessories on our Amazon store.

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Available AquaGo Accessories

Decalcification tablets
Decalcification Tablets
AquaGo replacement filter
Replacement Filter
Best investment EVER on our 2017 Montana Fifth Wheel!
Tina Hill
Facebook Review

Truma Interconnect Graphic

Manage Your Climate

Truma Interconnect capabilities allow you to enjoy a unified and efficient comfort experience. Your Truma heating, cooling, and hot water systems can all be controlled using the Truma CP plus control panel. This allows you to set the temperature for your RV just like you do on your home thermostat.

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Maintenance Made Simply Better

  • Reusable filter cartridge protects internal components
  • “Easy Drain Lever” aids in speedy winterization and cleaning
    • Simply pull down the lever to drain and divert water away from the vehicle to eliminate staining. No tools required!
    • Semi-automatic cleaning: insert Truma Decalcification tablets into the Easy Drain Lever filter, and the interior Truma AquaGo control panel guides you through the  process
  • Ability to install the optional electric antifreeze kit
  • Find Maintenance Supplies on Amazon

rendering of Truma AquaGo Easy Drain lever and filter

Additional Water Systems


  • How do I winterize my AquaGo?

    Winterizing your AquaGo is simple with the “Easy Drain Lever.”

    • Drain all the water from the appliance
    • Release the yellow “Easy Drain Lever” on the front of your AquaGo
    • Remove the filter and let the water drain
    • Store your filter in a safe place for the winter – DO NOT put it back in the AquaGo
  • How do I operate my AquaGo Control Panel?

    Learn how to:

    • Set control panel mode
      • eco
      • comfort
    • Decalcify in clean mode
    • Shut the system off
    • Use antifreeze mode
      • if antifreeze kit is installed

  • How do I depressurize my Truma AquaGo?

    Follow these instructions step by step.

    1. Turn off city water and allow the system to cool off.
    2. Turn off AquaGo at the toggle switch on the outside of unit.
    3. Go inside unit, open hot water faucet to allow system to depressurize and water to drain.  Wait until water stops flowing out of faucet and then close the faucet.
    4. After system is depressurized then go back outside to the AquaGo.  Stand off to the side of the AquaGo and slowly pull the yellow lever down and remove the filter.
    5. Open the decalcification tablet pack and insert all 6 tablets into the filter screen.
    6. Place the filter loaded with the decalcification tablets back into the water heater and close the yellow lever and snap in place.
    7. Turn on city water.
    8. At the outside of unit turn the AquaGo toggle switch up to the on position.
    9. Choose a faucet you will use for this process that has the highest pressure and a removable screen/aerator.  Remove the screen so debris flushed during the rinse cycle does not clog the faucet screen and the flow sensor will read the gallons per minute efficiently.
    10. Go inside and turn on a hot water faucet.  Allow the air to be purged from the lines and the water be pink in color.  Turn faucet off.  There may be some discolored water that will come out of the faucet, this is normal.
  • How do I decalcify my AquaGo using the CP plus control panel?

    Before decalcifying your AquaGo comfort plus, you will want to depressurize the system. Once you have completed that process, follow these instructions step by step.

    1. Turn dial to the wrench icon and push the center button, then turn dial to select AquaGo push the center button, then turn dial until you see clean, and push the button to activate cleaning mode.
    2. On the screen during the decalcification process the screen will say “clean” on it while the cleaning is in progress.
    3. Upon completion of the cleaning process the screen will display “rinse” on it.
    4. Turn one hot water faucet on to flush the system.  This will take roughly 8 gallons to complete.
    5. Once the rinse cycle has completed there will be an “E31” code that will appear when the decalcification is finished.  Turn off the water.
    6.  Push the button twice to revert to the main screen and resume normal operation.
    7. Turn off AquaGo at the toggle switch outside to reset the system.  Leave off for one minute then turn back on.
    8. If there are multiple Truma appliances connected to the CP Plus you will need to reset the CP Plus to get the other device to communicate with the CP Plus again.  To do this at the main menu go the wrench icon in the bottom right of the screen.  Press the center button and scroll to the “RESET” option press the center button, “PR SET” will pop up and press the center button again.  At this point INIT… will pop up.  The system is initializing.  After initiation screen will return to a digital clock.
  • How do I reset my AquaGo if I accidentally set it to "Clean" mode?

    Follow these instructions step by step.

    1. Be sure the exterior main switch on the AquaGo unit is in the ON position, either the up or down position. You will see a GREEN LED light.
    2. Turn the rotary dial on the inside of the RV to either COMFORT or ECO modes. (Your may need to turn the dial twice to wake it up. An amber light will indicate the dial is awake.)
    3. Go outside to the AquaGo unit and listen for the circulation pump to start. It will run for 10 seconds on repeating 30 second intervals.
    4. Open all hot water faucets and let the water run until you see the inside rotary dial STOPS flashing yellow, or the AquaGo unit will flash with a red light. This will take a minimum of 15 minutes.
    5. Once the LED light stops flashing YELLOW on the rotary dial or the AquaGo unit light flashes RED you may turn OFF all water faucets.
    6. Turn the interior rotary dial to the OFF position.
    7. Switch the AquaGo unit off using the outside switch for 30 seconds then return it to one of the two ON positions.
    8. Turn the interior rotary dial to COMFORT mode. You may need to do this twice to wake the control.
    9. You will now see a steady YELLOW led light on the knob indication the unit is ready for normal operation.
  • My AquaGo has a rapidly flashing light at LED 3. What does that mean?

    If you are seeing a rapidly flashing light at LED 3, your Truma AquaGo is stuck in “Clean” mode. Please follow these step-by-step instructions:

    1. Power to the unit must be on from the main panel
    2. The outside switch on the AquaGo needs to be in the “ON” position either up or down.
    3. Turn rotary dial on inside switch to “ECO” or “Comfort” mode (these are the top 2 positions on the switch)
    4. Wait until you hear the circulation pump cycle on and off – You may need to “wake up” the switch by turning it on and off a couple times until you hear the circulation pump cycling.
    5. Open all the hot water faucets in the vehicle- let the water run until the yellow light stops flashing, this could take 15 minutes or more. (During this time you will hear the circulation pump turning off and on in approx. 30 second intervals this is normal. The burner will not ignite)
    6. Once the flush cycle is complete the LED on the control switch goes out and you will see a red LED fault code on the main control PCB. This is fault code 31 (S,S,S,L,L,L,L,L) “Decalcification Complete”.
    7. Turn rotary dial to the “off” position
    8. Turn the rocker switch on the AquaGo to the “off” position wait 30 seconds
    9. Turn rocker switch on the AquaGo back on- solid green light should be present
    10. Turn the rotary dial to the “ECO” or “Comfort” mode (you may need to wake up the dial by turning it on and off a couple times)

    The unit should work normally at this time.

  • Why isn't my AquaGo Control Panel knob lighting up?

    If you are not seeing an amber-colored light on your AquaGo Control Panel knob, you may have to “wake up” the system.

    Turn the switch slowly to the “on” position and then to the “off” position.

    You may have to do this multiple times in order to get the light to come on, indicating the system is ready for operation.