Truma CP plus

Digital Control Panel for Truma Systems

Digital control panel for the Truma AquaGo, Truma Aventa, Truma Combi, and Truma VarioHeat with automatic climate control, boost function, and time switch.

Control multiple Truma systems from one panel
Practical rotary push button, large backlit display

Technical Details

Suitable for
Travel trailers and motorhomes
Monochrome LCD with backlighting
TIN bus (OEM, retrofit) and CI Bus (OEM only)
Power supply
8 - 16.5 volt DC
Power consumption (100% backlighting)
Max. 65 mA
Power consumption (stand-by)
10 mA
Quiescent current (off)
1 mA
0.22 lb(100 g)
4.06" W x3.62" L x 1.58" in (103mm W x 92mm L x 40mm H)

Truma CP plus – Connecting All of Your Truma Systems

Truma CP plus is a digital control panel for all Truma systems. The CP plus can be installed alongside the Truma AquaGo, Aventa, Combi, and VarioHeat, or any combination of these for a fully interconnected comfort system. Use the practical rotary push button to set the room and water temperatures in your trailer or motorhome easily and conveniently. Set basic functions like temperature and fuel source in seconds. Controlling fan modes, water boost, and more is also quick and easy.

  • Boost function for a fast supply of warm water and space heating with Truma Combi systems
  • Automatic Climate Control, when used with both a Truma heating and air conditioning system
  • Schedule room temperature with a programmable timer

Truma Interconnect Graphic

Manage Your Climate

Truma Interconnect capabilities allow you to enjoy a unified and efficient comfort experience. Your Truma heating, cooling, and hot water systems can all be controlled using the Truma CP plus control panel. This allows you to set the temperature for your RV just like you do on your home thermostat.

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Automatic Climate Control

You will never have to worry about manually switching between Truma systems with Automatic Climate Control. When installed alongside a Truma Aventa and a Truma heating system, the CP plus will automatically engage either the air conditioner or heater to maintain the set point using the most efficient operating modes. This is especially helpful for year-round campers who may experience large temperature shifts throughout the course of a single trip. 

CP plus showing temperature

Compatible Truma Systems


  • An error code is shown on the display of my CP plus. How do I find out what it means?

    Detailed information about the fault codes, their cause and how to fix them can be found in the Operating and Installation Instructions of the Truma CP plus.

  • Which Truma heaters can I retrofit with the CP plus control panel?

    The digital CP plus control panel can be retrofitted with all Truma Combi & Truma VarioHeat furnaces.