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Truma VarioHeat comfort

Small. Silent. Smart.

The Truma VarioHeat comfort is a luxury RV furnace perfect for travel trailers, motorhomes, and vans.

Compact, quiet heating for small spaces
Intelligent fan control for efficient heating
Digital control for precise temperature

Technical Details

Suitable For
Travel trailers, motorhomes, and vans
Available For
OEM, retrofit
Energy input rate
Level 1: 4,700 BTU/h (1.4 kW)
Level 2: 8,900 BTU/h (2.6 kW)
Level 3: 11,500 BTU/h (3.4 kW)
Gas consumption
Level 1: 3.5 oz/hr
Level 2: 6.7 oz/h
Level 3: 8.6 oz/h
Inlet pressure
11 - 13 in. wc (27.4 - 32.4 mbar)
Power consumption at 12 volt DC
Level 1: 0.65 A
Level 2: 2.75 A
Level 3: 5.4 A
17.6 lbs (9.0 kg)
5.3" W x 19.0" L x 11.1" H (135mm W x 483mm L x 284mm H)

Truma VarioHeat – Small. Silent. Smart.

Truma VarioHeat comfort is a compact, luxury RV furnace perfect for travel trailers, motorhomes, and vans. You will sleep soundly, thanks to its near-silent operation and intelligent fan control, three-stage burner system, and special night mode. In addition, the VarioHeat works well with the Truma Aventa and Truma AquaGo to create a world-class comfort system for heating, cooling, and instant hot water. The digital CP plus control panel ensures minimal variation in room temperature and can also be used to operate other Truma systems.

  • Compact size
  • High airflow for quick heating
  • Heating power is automatic
  • Digital control panel

Now Available for Retrofitting!

The Truma VarioHeat is now available for aftermarket or “retrofit” installation! Contact Truma’s Customer Care team to make an appointment with a Truma Service Technician in Indiana, Florida, Arizona, or Texas.

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Extend Your Camping Season

With the Truma VarioHeat, you can enjoy your travel trailer, motorhome, or van even in colder weather. This compact furnace can be installed in various positions – vertically or horizontally – and is suitable as the main furnace in a van or an additional furnace in larger vehicles.

Heading out this winter?

Take Control with the Truma CP plus

  • Integrated programmable timer
  • Set your desired room temperature
  • Control other Truma systems like the Truma AquaGo or Truma Aventa


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We looked at all the options out there and after much deliberation we decided on the Truma. This has been the best purchase, it works flawlessly each and every time. It's nice to have a product exceed our expectations.
Dylan Gilbert
Facebook Review

Truma Interconnect Graphic

Manage Your Climate

Truma Interconnect capabilities allow you to enjoy a unified and efficient comfort experience. Your Truma heating, cooling, and hot water systems can all be controlled using the Truma CP plus control panel. This allows you to set the temperature for your RV just like you do on your home thermostat.

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