Truma Saphir

Cooling and heating for year-round camping

The Truma Saphir is an under-the-bench air conditioning system with heating capability designed to create a sleek look by removing the air conditioner from the roof and eliminating the need for large wall cut outs.

Efficient cooling and heating
Near-silent operation
Discreet installation

Technical Details

Suitable for
Travel trailers and motorhomes
Available for
OEM only
Cooling capacity
7,000 BTU/h
Heating capacity
6,500 BTU/h
Air flow rate
Low: 170 cfm (288 m³/h)
Medium: 196 cfm (333 m³/h)
High: 216 cfm (367 m³/h)
Energy supply
120 Volt AC/60 Hz
Cooling power constumption
1,050 W
Heating Power consumption
900 W
Start up current
42 A/150 ms
Cooling current consumption*
Low: 8.54 A
Medium: 8.64 A
High: 8.75 A
Heating current consumption**
Low: 7.29 A
Medium: 7.39 A
High: 7.50 A
55 lbs. (25 kg)
20.5” W x 25.8” L x 12.4” H (520mm W x 656mm L x 314mm H)
*Tested at A.R.I. Standard cooling conditions (indoor: 80°F/26.7°C - Outdoor: 95°F/35°C
**Tested at A.R.I. Standard heating conditions (indoor: 70°F/21.1°C - Outdoor: 47°F/8.3°C


Truma Saphir – Comfort for all seasons

Truma Saphir provides “Simply Better” cooling and heating in a single discreet appliance. Saphir provides a cooling alternative for RVs that do not have conventional flat rooftops, like a teardrop trailer or motorhome with a rooftop tent. The air conditioner features a built-in electric heat pump that will keep your RV warm in the fall and winter or even just take the chill out of a cool summer night The compact size and ducted design offer flexible installation in tight spaces like under bunks or in cabinets while directing air flow to other areas of the RV for quick and efficient cooling and heating.

Energy Efficiency

Operating Level

Cooling Current Consumption

Heating Current Consumption


9.4 A

9.4 A


9.6 A

9.4 A


10.5 A

10.5 A


beach view from RV bunk

Unique Features:

  • Efficient cooling
  • Electric heat
  • Quiet
  • Low amp draw
  • Truma premium quality
  • Wireless remote control available

Operating Modes


Cool down with three manually selected fan speeds (low – med – high). Or, set to automatic mode to let the Saphir maintain temperature quickly and efficiently.


Heat up the RV using reverse cycle mode. Use the “high” fan level for rapid heating and “medium” or “low” during continuous operation.

Air Circulation

Keep air circulating throughout the RV at your preferred fan speed when cooling or heating are not needed.


Control the temperature of your RV with minimal interior and exterior noise.

Truma Interconnect Graphic

Manage Your Climate

Truma Interconnect capabilities allow you to enjoy a unified and efficient comfort experience. Your Truma heating, cooling, and hot water systems can all be controlled using the Truma CP plus control panel. This allows you to set the temperature for your RV just like you do on your home thermostat.

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Automatic Climate Control

You will never have to worry about manually switching between Truma systems with the Automatic Climate Control function. When installed alongside a Truma Saphir and a Truma heating system, the CP plus will automatically engage either the air conditioner or heater to maintain the set point using the most efficient operating modes when the Automatic Climate Control is activated in the service menu. This is especially helpful for year-around campers who may experience large temperature shifts throughout the course of a single trip.

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Truma CP plus showing time

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