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Truma Aventa comfort

Welcome to your comfort zone

The Truma Aventa comfort creates the perfect balance of temperature and humidity while minimizing noise and conserving energy.

Near-silent cooling and dehumidification
Low amp draw for off-grid camping
Low profile design for aerodynamic travel

Technical Details

Suitable for
Travel trailers and motorhomes
Available for
OEM, retrofit
Available colors
Black or white
Cooling capacity
15,000 BTU/h
Air flow rate
Low: 194 cfm (330 m³/h)
Medium: 235 cfm (400 m³/h)
High: 353 cfm(600 m³/h)
Energy supply
120 volt AC, 60 Hz
Power consumption*
1,440 W
Start up current
70 A RMS / 150 ms
Current consumption*
Low: 11 A
Medium: 11.2 A
High: 12 A
86 lbs (39.2 kg)
Dimensions (rooftop unit)
31.4” W x 44.2” L x 10.2” H (798mm W x1122mm L x 260mm H)
Dimensions (air distributor)
20.6” W x 26.4” L x 1.8” D (523mm W x 670mm L x 46mm D)
*Tested at A.R.I. Standard Rating Conditions (Indoor: 80°F DB/67°F WB. Outdoor: 95°F DB/75°F WB) Note: Data collected using pre-production units.

Truma Aventa comfort – Pure. Cool. Quiet. Comfort.

Hear that? We didn’t think so. Enjoy the quiet comfort of your RV with the Truma Aventa comfort. This RV air conditioner utilizes German engineering to surround RVers with the ideal indoor comfort zone. It creates the perfect balance of cooling and humidity while minimizing noise in a contemporary, energy-efficient, low-profile design.  The Aventa is engineered to be different than other standard air conditioners. By efficiently decreasing humidity as it cools, the Aventa can reach the Comfort Zone quickly. Testing shows many standard rooftop air conditioners never reach it at all.

Testing Conditions

Air conditioner test environment in the Truma climate chamber

  • In a trailer similar in size to a class B RV
  • One air conditioner with air distributor installed through the roof, near the center of the RV
  • Truma climate chamber set to 95°F (35.6°C) and 55% relative humidity
  • Air conditioner set to 72°F (22.2°C)

Sun and RV occupant simulation

  • Sun – 950 W heat source (bulbs placed on floor of RV)
  • Occupant – 0.4 I/h (humidifier placed on floor of RV

Unique Features:

  • Available in Black or White
  • 120-volt AC power
  • 15,000 BTU/h cooling capacity
  • Three manual cooling modes (low, med, high)
  • Automatic cooling mode
  • Air circulation mode
  • Dehumidification mode
  • Night mode
  • Compatible with ducted and non-ducted systems

Truma Aventa – “Simply Better”:

  • Innovative: Smart configuration maximizes cooling performance while minimizing noise
  • Intelligent: Balanced temperature and humidity for the ultimate comfort
  • Efficient: Environmentally friendly low energy consumption
  • Reliable: German-engineered to last
  • Refined: Modern, aerodynamic, low-profile design
Super quiet for a great night's sleep and to hold a conversation without having to yell. Hilghly recommend!
Kristen L.
Winnebago Hike 100 Owner

Beat the Heat with Aventa

The height of the camping season and the dog days of summer go hand-in-hand. Don’t let an old rooftop air conditioner leave you sweating! Upgrade to the Truma Aventa for cool, quiet comfort all season long.

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Time for a New Rooftop Air Conditioner?

The Truma Aventa is now available for aftermarket installation as a replacement for non-ducted rooftop air conditioners. Is your RV compatible?

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Truma Interconnect Graphic

Manage Your Climate

Truma Interconnect capabilities allow you to enjoy a unified and efficient comfort experience. Your Truma heating, cooling, and hot water systems can all be controlled using the Truma CP plus control panel. This allows you to set the temperature for your RV just like you do on your home thermostat.

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  • What is the Truma Aventa?

    The Truma Aventa rooftop air conditioner is Truma’s first rooftop air conditioner for the North American RV market.

  • What makes the Truma Aventa "Simply Better"?

    The Truma Aventa is German-engineered to provide the perfect balance of cooling and humidity, creating ultimate comfort while minimizing noise in a modern, energy-efficient, low-profile design.

  • How many models are available?

    There are two Aventa models available: The eco model offers 13,500 BTU/h cooling capacity, while the comfort models offer 15,000 BTU/h cooling capacity. Both models are available in black or white.

  • What color is the interior Aventa air distributor?

    The Truma Aventa air distributor is available in grey or cream.

  • What operating modes does the Aventa have?

    All Truma Aventa models come standard with “Automatic Cooling,” “Dehumidification,” “Night,” and “Air Circulation” modes, as well as three manually selectable cooling modes: low, medium, and high.

  • What is "Automatic Cooling" mode?

    In “Automatic Cooling” mode, the Aventa will select and adjust fan speeds to reach and maintain your preferred temperature quickly and efficiently.

  • What is "Air Circulation" mode?

    In “Air Circulation” mode, the Aventa will keep air moving inside your RV even if cooling is not needed. Operate at your preferred fan speed (low, med, high).

  • What is "Dehumidification" mode?

    In “Dehumidification” mode, the Aventa prioritizes the removal of moisture in extreme climates.

  • What is "Night" mode?

    In “Night” mode, the Aventa will keep you cool at night while keeping interior and exterior noises to a minimum so you and your neighbors can sleep peacefully.

  • How is the Aventa controlled?

    When installed aftermarket, The Aventa can be controlled with the included Aventa wireless remote control.

    When installed as an original component by an RV manufacturer, the Aventa may be additionally controlled by the Truma CP plus control panel or integrated into a third-party system at the manufacturer’s discretion.