Truma Partners with OEM to Showcase Aventa on All-Electric Coast

All-electric coast Model 1

Truma is hitting the road this month with Coast, an all-electric travel trailer that features the Truma Aventa air conditioning system.

“We look forward to opportunities such as this when we can showcase our systems in action, and to do so with a partner like Coast is even more exciting,” said Gerhard Hundsberger, President and CEO of Truma North America. “This all-electric RV aligns with our commitment to sustainable travel and showcases our dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation.”

Hundsberger added that during the upcoming road trip, consumers will have chances to see the Coast Model 1 and feel the quiet comfort of Truma Aventa.  “Like Truma systems, the Coast redefines the meaning of comfort, providing a home-away-from-home experience for travelers,” he said.

Coast travel trailers are produced in Nashville, TN by Aero Build, which has made a deep impact in the small business realm with its unique and innovative approach to the mobile coffee shop/bar/boutique.

“We recognized a need and opportunity to re-energize the mobile business,” said Aero Build and Coast Founder and CEO, Brian Fuente. “With Aero Build we have created a catalog of travel trailers that capitalize on modern technology and function and serve small business owners.”

According to Fuente, Coast was imagined out of that same mindset – how to take form and function and combine them with modern design and technology. Coast is designed to redefine the comfort zone for travelers. With its thoughtfully designed interior and state-of-the-art amenities, Coast ensures a genuinely comfortable and inviting atmosphere, enabling travelers to relax, unwind, and indulge in every moment of their journey.

black truma aventa

“When we started forming the blueprint for Coast, we were immediately drawn to Truma systems, and the Truma Aventa made perfect sense,” said Fuente. “Its sleek, low-profile design and smooth lines both inside and outside of the trailer were aesthetically pleasing while the specs met our desire to stay all-electric.”

Fuente added that the quietness of Truma Aventa is also a huge advantage. “There have been several times I’ve shown customers Coast while the air conditioner has been running, and you simply don’t notice. It’s quiet and cool all at once.”

Together Truma and Coast will travel from Nashville, TN, to Wilmington, NC, and back with stops along the way in Asheville and Raleigh, NC. Throughout the road trip, Truma and Coast will host consumer meetups to demonstrate how Coast and Truma redefine the concept of comfort on the road. From luxurious sleeping quarters to the quiet cool comfort of the Aventa, travelers can witness how the journey can be enjoyed as much as the destination.

“Our Truma team is looking forward to seeing new faces and finding new friends as we embark on this remarkable road trip to North Carolina,” said Hundsberger. “Together Truma and Coast are ready to join the ultimate embodiment of comfort with innovation and the joy of exploration.”