Truma Helps with Highway Cleanup for Earth Day

Spring Clean Up- two men in front of van

With Earth Day right around the corner, Truma is doing its part to help keep the Earth clean. Employees at Truma Corp in Elkhart, Indiana, volunteered to participate in a trash drive Friday, April 16th, collecting over 150 bags of garbage along CR 6 and CR 17 in Elkhart.  

Elkhart County has faced challenges keeping the area clean due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. Vice President of Business Development for Truma Mark Howlett says the county has welcomed the extra help. “When we approached the city with our idea, they were very excited and welcomed our support. It’s been a great day helping out and giving back to the community we are a part of.” 

Camping and a passion for nature belong together. This passion for the outdoors is why Truma thinks long-term and acts sustainably. In our development and manufacturing of products, Truma uses recyclable materials and treats wastewater. Truma generates “green” electricity with solar power and heats and cools our facility using geothermal technology. 

Gerhard Hundsberger, President & CEO of Truma North America, stated, “At Truma, our quality standards go much further than just delivering premium systems and providing best-in-class service to our customers. For us, quality also means acting ecologically and socially. Caring for the environment and natural resources is part of Truma’s DNA.” Hundsberger continued, “I believe having our people collect trash opened their eyes to how quickly litter can get out of control. If they have littered in the past, I don’t believe any Truma employee would consider littering again.” adding, “The event was so well received by all Truma volunteers that we are considering making this an annual event.” 

Truma trash day volunteer, Bob Yessa, said, “We were shocked at the amount of trash lining the streets. We gathered hundreds of plastic and glass bottles, packaging materials, tires, insulation, political signs, and a door.” He continued, “It seems like many people throw trash out of their car windows without thinking about it.”