Truma Coolers on Display at Storm Expo

dual zone cooler open showing water bottles

Truma North America has partnered with the veteran-owned emergency response company, Everything LifeSaving, to showcase the Truma Cooler to the disaster relief industry. Everything LifeSaving will be providing disaster preparedness training utilizing the Truma Cooler at the Storm Expo, the nation’s leading event for natural disaster preparation, management, and relief efforts.

Paul Herrera, the founder of Everything LifeSaving, sought out the Truma Cooler for its ability to work with alternative power sources like generators and lithium-ion batteries in situations where electricity is not available. Because the Truma Coolers are able to cool to -8°F (-22°C) without using ice, they are able to store larger quantities of vital supplies than a traditional cooler. The durable, robust construction provides additional protection for life-saving supplies like temperature-sensitive medications as well as food and water.

“The Truma Cooler is built for rugged, outdoor use and while we initially designed it with off-grid recreation in mind, a lot of those same features are invaluable in emergency situations as well,“ said Truma Outdoor Sales Representative Marla Fredrich. “We are proud to partner with Everything LifeSaving to introduce our product to this new market.“

Everything LifeSaving will be conducting trainings featuring the Truma Cooler in booth 635 at the Storm Expo in Miami, Florida on February 7th and 8th.