Second Annual Truma Spring Clean-up a Success

Second Annual spring clean-up group photo

This past Friday, April 29th, Truma North America hosted our second annual Truma Spring Clean-up event with great success. We put out the call to the RV industry, and, with the help of Century Chemical Corporation and the RV Women’s Alliance, we were able to cover more ground in less time than we did last year.

The inaugural Truma Spring Clean-up in 2021 was inspired, in part, by the coronavirus pandemic. From our offices on County Road 6, Truma employees could see that Elkhart County road crews were having a difficult time keeping up with the debris along the busy stretch of road that is a main thoroughfare for the RV industry. When we reached out to the city and county, they welcomed the extra help. This year, while restrictions have lifted and road crews have been hard at work, there was still plenty of work to be done.

“We drive down these roads every day and see the amount of litter out there. It doesn’t sit right with us. Conservation and sustainability are part of our DNA as a company, so we wanted to do our part to clean up our own backyard,” said Truma North America CFO Jonathan Haley.

Last year, we picked up over 150 bags of trash in the area surrounding County Road 6 and County Road 17. This year, we collected fewer bags of trash — and we consider that a victory.

“Hopefully, fewer bags means fewer people are littering. Our goal isn’t to pick up the most trash — our goal is to raise awareness so that there is less trash to pick up in the first place,” said Marketing Coordinator Jordan Day.

Truma hopes to continue raising awareness and growing the event for years to come. The help of partner organizations increased our volunteer numbers to almost three dozen and drew the attention of local and industry news affiliates. We hope the additional media coverage will help attract even more participation from other companies in the RV industry.

“The RV industry simply would not exist without the passion for outdoor spaces and the environment. As members of this industry, it is on all of us to do our part to protect our natural resources and leave things better than we found them,” said Head of Marketing John Jambor.