“Go North” Alaska Travel Series on Amazon Prime

backpacker in mountains

Tom & Caitlin Morton of Mortons on the Move and The RVers TV Series have announced that their 20-episode documentary travel series, “Go North,” is now available to stream on Amazon Prime!

“Go North” chronicles their travels over six months driving north through Canada, Alaska, to the Arctic Ocean. Adventure met them every step of the way, from wildlife encounters and remote dirt roads to Northern Lights and glacier explorations. 

To ensure the Mortons were prepared for the extreme conditions they would undoubtedly face, Truma installed both the Truma AquaGo water heater and the Truma VarioHeat furnace in their RV. At Truma, we utilize our state-of-the-art climate chamber to ensure our systems achieve optimal performance in extreme hot and cold environments. With either our Hot Weather Certification, Cold Weather Certification, or our All-Season Certification, consumers can rest assured their RV will exceed expectations in any conditions.

More information about the Truma Climate Chamber and our Certifications. 

Learn More about the Mortons ‘Go North’ Adventure.