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Frequently Asked Questions

Truma AquaGo

Winterizing your AquaGo is simple with the “Easy Drain Lever.”

  • Drain all the water from the appliance
  • Release the yellow “Easy Drain Lever” on the front of your AquaGo
  • Remove the filter and let the water drain
  • Store your filter in a safe place for the winter – DO NOT put it back in the AquaGo

Learn how to:

  • Set control panel mode
    • eco
    • comfort
  • Decalcify in clean mode
  • Shut the system off
  • Use antifreeze mode
    • if antifreeze kit is installed

Follow these instructions step by step.

  1. Turn off city water and allow the system to cool off.
  2. Turn off AquaGo at the toggle switch on the outside of unit.
  3. Go inside unit, open hot water faucet to allow system to depressurize and water to drain.  Wait until water stops flowing out of faucet and then close the faucet.

Before decalcifying your AquaGo comfort plus, you will want to depressurize the system. Once you have completed that process, follow these instructions step by step.

  1. Turn dial to the wrench icon and push the center button, then turn dial to select AquaGo push the center button, then turn dial until you see clean, and push the button to activate cleaning mode.
  2. On the screen during the decalcification process the screen will say “clean” on it while the cleaning is in progress.
  3. Upon completion of the cleaning process the screen will display “rinse” on it.
  4. Turn one hot water faucet on to flush the system.  This will take roughly 8 gallons to complete.
  5. Once the rinse cycle has completed there will be an “E31” code that will appear when the decalcification is finished.  Turn off the water.
  6.  Push the button twice to revert to the main screen and resume normal operation.
  7. Turn off AquaGo at the toggle switch outside to reset the system.  Leave off for one minute then turn back on.
  8. If there are multiple Truma appliances connected to the CP Plus you will need to reset the CP Plus to get the other device to communicate with the CP Plus again.  To do this at the main menu go the wrench icon in the bottom right of the screen.  Press the center button and scroll to the “RESET” option press the center button, “PR SET” will pop up and press the center button again.  At this point INIT… will pop up.  The system is initializing.  After initiation screen will return to a digital clock.

Follow these instructions step by step.

  1. Be sure the exterior main switch on the AquaGo unit is in the ON position, either the up or down position. You will see a GREEN LED light.
  2. Turn the rotary dial on the inside of the RV to either COMFORT or ECO modes. (Your may need to turn the dial twice to wake it up. An amber light will indicate the dial is awake.)
  3. Go outside to the AquaGo unit and listen for the circulation pump to start. It will run for 10 seconds on repeating 30 second intervals.
  4. Open all hot water faucets and let the water run until you see the inside rotary dial STOPS flashing yellow, or the AquaGo unit will flash with a red light. This will take a minimum of 15 minutes.
  5. Once the LED light stops flashing YELLOW on the rotary dial or the AquaGo unit light flashes RED you may turn OFF all water faucets.
  6. Turn the interior rotary dial to the OFF position.
  7. Switch the AquaGo unit off using the outside switch for 30 seconds then return it to one of the two ON positions.
  8. Turn the interior rotary dial to COMFORT mode. You may need to do this twice to wake the control.
  9. You will now see a steady YELLOW led light on the knob indication the unit is ready for normal operation.

If you are seeing a rapidly flashing light at LED 3, your Truma AquaGoready for rinsing, which is part of the Decalcification process. Please see Decalcification instructions.

If you are not seeing an amber-colored light on your AquaGo Control Panel knob, you may have to “wake up” the system.

Turn the switch slowly to the “on” position and then to the “off” position.

You may have to do this multiple times in order to get the light to come on, indicating the system is ready for operation.

Truma Aventa

The Truma Aventa rooftop air conditioner is Truma’s first rooftop air conditioner for the North American RV market.

The Truma Aventa is German-engineered to provide the perfect balance of cooling and humidity, creating ultimate comfort while minimizing noise in a modern, energy-efficient, low-profile design.

There are two Aventa models available: The eco model offers 13,500 BTU/h cooling capacity, while the comfort models offer 15,000 BTU/h cooling capacity. Both models are available in black or white.

The Truma Aventa air distributor is available in grey or cream.

All Truma Aventa models come standard with “Automatic Cooling,” “Dehumidification,” “Night,” and “Air Circulation” modes, as well as three manually selectable cooling modes: low, medium, and high.

In “Automatic Cooling” mode, the Aventa will select and adjust fan speeds to reach and maintain your preferred temperature quickly and efficiently.

In “Air Circulation” mode, the Aventa will keep air moving inside your RV even if cooling is not needed. Operate at your preferred fan speed (low, med, high).

In “Dehumidification” mode, the Aventa prioritizes the removal of moisture in extreme climates.

In “Night” mode, the Aventa will keep you cool at night while keeping interior and exterior noises to a minimum so you and your neighbors can sleep peacefully.


When installed aftermarket, The Aventa can be controlled with the included Aventa wireless remote control.

When installed as an original component by an RV manufacturer, the Aventa may be additionally controlled by the Truma CP plus control panel or integrated into a third-party system at the manufacturer’s discretion.

Truma Combi

Please refer to your RV manufacturer’s instructions for winterizing and bypass valves.

  1. Place a vessel that’s at least 2.64 gallons (10 liters) underneath the drainage outlet of the drain valve.
  2. Use the main switch or pump switch to turn off the power to the water-pump
  3. Turn off or disconnect the city water connection if present
  4. Open all water release points, e.g. cold and hot water faucets, showers, toilets
  5. Flip yellow handle to be in line with valve body to drain.

If your Truma Combi will not stay lit but you are not receiving an error code, check to make sure the tank has not frozen. If the tank freezes, it can become swollen and restrict the air flow into the ducting. This could cause the unit to overheat and cycle off. If the error persists, please contact Truma Customer Care for additional support.

If your Combi will not operate in gas mode, please try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Has the Combi previously worked on LP?
  2. Is the gas turned on at the tank?
  3. Is there a gas on/off switch in the coach
    • If so is it in the on position?
  4. Is there LP in the cylinder?
  5. Do other gas appliances run for more than 30 seconds?
  6. Is the cylinder in the full open position?
  7. Is there a cylinder changeover valve and is it turned to the correct position (full cylinder)?
  8. Is the switch on top of the Combi unit in the ON position?
  9. Is the 12V master switch for the vehicle switched on?
  10. Does the Combi operate properly in 110V mode?
  11. Has the high limit reset been tripped?
    • If so, run cold water through the Combi for a few minutes and reset if tripped.

If you verify all the steps above and are still having problems, contact Truma Customer Care for additional support.

If your Combi will not operate on 110 V power, please try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Is there 110V power available to the vehicle?
  2. Does the Combi operate in gas only mode?
  3. Is the 12V master switch on?
  4. Is the high limit reset tripped?
    1. If so run cold water through the Combi for a few minutes and then reset.
  5. Check 12V and 110V power to the Combi
    1. Turn off power to the Combi
    2. Remove the PCB cover where the 12V data cables connect and check the 110V main thermostat reset
    3. Replace the PCB cover
    4. Reconnect power and try again

If you verify all the steps above and are still having problems, contact Truma Customer Care for additional support.

Truma Cooler

Absolutely – all of our Truma Cooler portable fridge/freezers come with battery protection built-in standard that can be set to different levels of protection.

Not a problem with Truma Cooler portable fridge/freezers as we have 12v plugs accessible at either end.

Yes, Truma Cooler portable fridge/freezers can be run on 12v DC or 120v AC power.

All Truma Cooler portable fridge/freezers come with a USB charging port so you can plug in your phone, speakers or anything else you would normally power or charge via USB.

All Truma Cooler portable fridge/freezers can be used as either fridges or freezers, and if you have a dual zone model you can either run as fridge & freezer, fridge & fridge, or freezer & freezer!

All Truma Cooler portable fridge/freezers will reliably cool down to -8°F (-22°C) and up to 50°F (10°C)

All Truma Cooler portable fridge/freezer lids can be removed which makes them easy to clean and on all models from the 60L up, the lids can be easily re-mounted to open from each side without the need for tools.

Yes, the fridges are generally weather resistant.

In saying this they are a consumer electronic product and like all other quality fridge brands on the market stat in their Operation Manuals; portable fridges should avoid being placed in an area in which it may be accidentally splashed or sprayed with water or liquids that might enter the electrical compartment.

The design is such that a “little bit of water” should not hurt it, but it’s not designed to be left in the weather unprotected, or used when wet. The instruction state do not operate in the rain.

Using a cover will help against some light “splashes” or a short term light rain but there is the possibility of getting water inside as there are necessary vents for cooling.

Yes, Truma Cooler portable fridge/freezers have panels in the baskets that can be opened to fit larger bottles and if that isn’t enough space the entire basket can be removed.

Truma Cooler portable fridge/freezers are built tough, but it never hurts to have a little extra protection. These covers also insulate the fridges and can improve efficiency while still allowing easy access to controls and providing handy pockets for storage.

Right on your Truma Cooler portable fridge/freezer! All models come with built-in bottle openers at either end.

With automatic LED lighting inside every fridge, we’ll keep you illuminated – at least while your lid is open!

No. All Truma Cooler portable fridge/freezers have fold away handles that sit flush within the footprint of the fridge.

With Truma Cooler portable fridge/freezers you can set your fridge to “Turbo” mode and get things cooled in a rush!

To create Truma Cooler portable fridge/freezers we drew upon decades of portable refrigeration know-how and created our own Truma Cooler blue compressor which is one of the lightest on the market making the fridges overall some of the lightest in the field.

Metal and plastic each work well in different applications so we’ve taken the best of each and combined them to create strong metal sides and robust and hardy plastic tipped corners.

Just grab your phone and you can control the temperature and various other features using our Truma Cooler App, available for Android and iPhone. You can also charge your phone or other USB devices via the USB charger conveniently located on every Truma Cooler portable fridge/freezer.

Search for Truma in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

With our removable baskets and detachable lids, cleaning is a breeze.

All Truma Cooler Portable Fridge/Freezers come with a 12 month warranty with an additional 12 month extended warranty when you register your product. Register your Truma Cooler now to take advantage of the full 24 month warranty.

Truma CP plus

This is normal and indicates that the CP plus is calling for heat in the mode that is flashing. Since our systems are so quiet, this will let you know that the heater is running.

If your CP plus is showing strange characters, please check the 12 volt power supply in the couch. This could be a sign of low voltage.

If your CP plus is only displaying the wrench and clock icons, this means the CP plus is getting power from the RV but not communicating with the system. To resolve this, try the following:

  • Reset the CP plus
    1. Go to the wrench icon in the lower right-hand corner and push the button
    2. Turn the dial until you see the word “reset,” then push the button again. You will see “PR Set.”
    3. Push the button again, and the screen will read “init.” This is a factory reset of the control.
    4. Go back to the main screen. If icons do not appear, contact Truma Service
  • Check 12 volt power to the appliance
  • Check the communication cable is connected to both the CP plus and the system

If the issue persists, please contact Truma service

If you see a black status line but nothing else on your CP plus screen, this indicates you are not receiving 12 volt power. Check the inline duse behind the CP plus panel (location and fuse type may vary by OEM)

This is an indication that there is a warning (example W45) which means that something is not working properly but has not stopped the appliance from working completely.

This is an indication that there is an error (E212) which indicates that the unit is not functioning in its normal parameters

Refer to your CP plus owner’s manual for common codes and call Truma Service for further troubleshooting

If your CP plus is not accepting commands, gently remove the center knob and check the screw underneath. This screw should be perfectly flush to the CP plus. If the screw has a rounded head, it is not the correct screw and may be interfering with normal operation. Please contact Truma Service.

Truma Saphir

The Truma Saphir is an under-the-bench air conditioning system with heating capability.

The Truma Saphir is designed to create a sleek look by removing the air conditioner from the roof and eliminating the need for large wall cut outs.  Like all Truma systems, it is also quiet and efficient, creating ultimate comfort.

The Truma Saphir comes standard with automatic cooling, heating, night, and air circulation modes, as well as three manually selectable cooling and heating modes: low, medium, and high.

Cool down fast and stay comfortable with your choice of three manually selected fan speeds (low – med – high). Or, set to automatic mode to let the Saphir adjust between three fan speeds to maintain temperature quickly and efficiently.

Heat up the RV using reverse cycle mode. Use the “high” fan level for rapid heating, and “medium” or “low” during continuous operation. You can also use automatic mode to let the Saphir adjust between three fan speeds to maintain temperature quickly and efficiently.

Keep air circulating throughout the RV when cooling or heating are not needed. Operate at your preferred fan speed (low – med – high).

Control the temperature of your RV with minimal interior and exterior noise for you.

The Truma Saphir can be controlled wirelessly with the Saphir remote control or the Truma CP plus control panel.

Truma VarioHeat

The VarioHeat is controlled by the CP plus. If there is an issue with your VarioHeat, the screen on your CP plus will have a warning symbol at the bottom of the screen. The screen will also display an error code. Refer to your CP plus owner’s manual for common codes and call Truma Service for further troubleshooting