A rewarding opportunity for owners of the Truma AquaGo hybrid instant water heater

About the Rewards Program

Truma is offering a "reward" for those who want to share their enjoyment of the Truma AquaGo hybrid instant water heater and recommend it to a friend.

Just fill out and submit your online warranty registration for your Truma AquaGo. If you want to register your warranty now, simply click here.

Then follow the instructions to print coupons that already have your name and serial number included. Print out as many as you want and give them to people who you think might enjoy this major advance in RV comfort as much as you do.

Those who use one of your coupons when purchasing a Truma AquaGo for their RV will receive a $50 debit card — and so will you!

Pass out as many coupons as you want, and receive $50 every time someone uses your coupon in the purchase of a Truma AquaGo instant water heater and submits their warranty information.

Click here to get your Reward Coupons.

Truma AquaGo Owner Rewards Program terms and conditions
This program only pertains to purchases of the Truma AquaGo hybrid instant water heater.
Any owner of the Truma AquaGo can download and distribute Owner Rewards coupons.
There is no limit to the number of coupons participants can print and distribute.
There is no limit to the number of $50 debit cards participants can receive.
Participants that accumulate $600 total in debit card rewards in one calendar year will be subject to federal income tax and will need to submit a W-4 form to receive a W-1040 from Truma.
Program not available in Canada.
Truma reserves the right to terminate the Truma AquaGo Owner Rewards program at any time without notice.

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