Truma AquaGo Holds up to the Needs of Fulltime RVers

Watch Bob Livingstons hot water experience in a video

Bob Livingston, former Senior VP and Publisher Emeritus of Trailer Life magazine.

Bob Livingston, former Senior VP and Publisher Emeritus of Trailer Life magazine, documented his hot water experience as a full time RVer via video. Livingston has been using the Truma AquaGo for two years now and is enthusiastic about the revolutionary RV water heater that has changed the way RV owners shower by providing an at home shower experience.

The needs of full time RVers are much more demanding versus people who do not live in their camper year round. For example, if a full time RVer were to lose hot water or need to have their camper repaired, they would have to stay in a hotel and be greatly inconvenienced. So the most important quality any hot water heater would need to have would be reliability.

Livingston had his previous hot water heater replaced with the Truma AquaGo and said it was easy and required no additional cutting or major modifications. He said he has used early versions of tankless hot water heaters and they were problematic. When he heard of the AquaGo and how it was specifically engineered to solve all of the problems of early instant hot water heaters, he knew this was something different and it has not let him down.

"The quality is outstanding and it has been a flawless operation over the years that we have had it," he said. "I am surprised at how little propane it uses and how easy it is to decalcify. When camping in the dessert, we get a lot of hard water and the decalc ification system flushes all of that out. It keeps our hot water system working perfectly," Livingston said.

Before Livingston had an AquaGo, he had a very different experience. He and his wife would take what is referred to as a navy shower, where hot water conservation is a must.

"We used to track our water usage and try to take a shower with two to three gallons of water only. You don’t get as clean as you would want to. Now, with the AquaGo, as long as we have water and propane we have hot water. Running out of hot water is the last thing we think about," he said.

Watch the full video below!

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