Truma and RVIA partner in TnT regional training

Truma in cooperation with RVIA and the TnT (Technicians in Training) program

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In cooperation with RVIA and the TnT (Technicians in Training) program, Truma is rolling out their product technical training curriculum to dealer technicians.

The training is focused on Truma's industry leading products the Truma Combi combined furnace and water heater and the Truma AquaGo hybrid on-demand water heater. Technicians receive a full day of hands on training repairing the Truma products, and Techs receive credit toward their recertification continuing education requirements.

"Service is a fundamental part of Truma's heritage, and we are happy to partner with RVIA and support dealer service centers with the technical skills they require to support their customers", says Gerhard Hundsberger, President and CEO of Truma.

“While our products bring a different level of innovation to the market, we have paid close attention to ‘ease of repair’ from a maintenance point of view. Serviceability over the life of the product reduces the total cost of ownership for RVers, preserving their investment for the long term” added Mark Howlett, Senior VP Business Development at Truma. “We have been grateful to partner with RVIA and appreciate the support from the host dealers.”

This year Truma has completed classes in Texas, California, and Nevada with plans to be in Washington state and Oregon in April.

“The TnT program is a great example of the RV industry working together to improve and provide the training and knowledge the dealerships need to support RV owners,” says Sharonne Lee, Senior Director, Education with RVIA. “We are pleased to have companies like Truma participate in the development and delivery of technical product training. Feedback from the participants has been positive and additional classes are being planned through the summer and into the fall this year.”
For additional information dealers are encouraged to contact Truma through or visiting RVIA

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