Boondocking with Truma AquaGo

motorhome pulling trailer

For successful boondocking, steps need to be taken to conserve water, gas, and electricity. Did you know that having the luxury of instant hot water with the Truma AquaGo can also save resources while RVing off the grid? Let’s take a look at how. 

Conserve Electricity 

The AquaGo pulls very little power, with the Basic model using 1.5 amps and the Comfort and Comfort Plus models pulling 2.5 amps. And that’s only when the burner is actually running. For example, when a faucet is turned on or the AquaGo Comfort or Comfort Plus models see temperatures within themselves drop below 41 degrees F in ECO mode, and 102 degrees F in COMFORT mode. When the AquaGo units are in standby and it doesn’t need to heat any water, it is pulling a very minimal amp draw, in the milliamp range! This low use of electricity also makes the AquaGo a great water heater to run with solar power. 

Conserve Gas

Because the Truma AquaGo runs on propane, it uses very little electricity, but a common concern is that it significantly increases gas consumption. You’ll find just the opposite is true with the AquaGo. 

So when we say it’s efficient with propane usage, what exactly do we mean? Here’s a great example: If you were to take a hot, 20 minute long shower every day, it would be almost a month before you would need to refill your 20lb propane tank. That’s a lot of hot water! 

This efficiency comes from the fact that an instant water heater only heats what you need, with a mixing vessel, as opposed to a traditional water heater that works to keep a large tank of water hot at all times. 

Conserve Water 

The AquaGo Comfort Plus model takes boondocking efficiency one step further, by eliminating the need to run extra water while waiting for the temperature to rise, which wastes fresh water while filling your grey water tank at a quicker pace. Thanks to an additional hot water return loop plumbed back to the AquaGo, it maintains a water temperature up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit right at the shower and faucets when the unit is placed in COMFORT mode. As soon as you turn on the tap you’ll have hot water ready for washing dishes or showering without running cold water down the drain. 

This added feature makes the Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus model extremely beneficial for boondockers, but it is only available to OEM’s (and not aftermarket replacement of existing water heaters) because it does require additional plumbing throughout the RV. 

The reviews are in

The AquaGo’s off-the-grid efficiency is often mentioned by Truma owners. Many fifth wheel and toy hauler owners, who tend to spend lots of time away from services, have the same comment: “The instant hot water is great, but the best part is how much propane it saves while boondocking.”