Announcing the Truma Cooler Portable Fridge/Freezer

truma cooler next to holiday presents

Order Now for Christmas!

Truma is known for keeping you comfortable on the road with our hot water, air and cooling systems. Now we are expanding how we help give you the best camping experience by keeping your food and beverages at the perfect temperature with our Truma Cooler.

The Truma Cooler does not need ice to keep your food fresh. That’s because our cooler is actually a portable refrigerator and freezer and has additional features to add to your convenience such as flush side carrying handles, USB ports, Bluetooth® compatibility, bottle openers and LED light.

It’s a long weekend. You’re camping, boating, attending a game or watching fireworks. Imagine having the convenience of a cold beverage, snack or popsicle to keep you cool and refreshed. Now imagine being able to do this without ice melting and soaking everything. With the Truma Cooler, you can bring ice cream to the whole little league team on a hot summer day and the ice cream will still be frozen at the end of the game. You can keep organic fruits and veggies chilled and fresh.