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Truma History

Truma was founded in 1949 in Germany and named after U.S. President Harry S. Truman. With the Marshall Plan for economic recovery after World War II, President Truman made it possible for Germany to become industrialized. This effort resonated with our company founder Philipp Kreis, and thus he decided to call his business Truma. For the past seven decades, innovation and passion have propelled Truma into a successful international company that is still family-owned.

The 1950s

Economic Boom and a New Zest for Life

The 1950s were a charmed time of unexpected, rapid, and sustained economic growth: the economic miracle. Elvis Presley and his swinging hips hit the music scene and became an international sensation in 1956. Teenagers started dressing like their favorite movie stars, launching a new fashion trend. On the manufacturing side, the Volkswagen Beetle began its own unparalleled success story at this time, with the millionth Beetle rolling off the production line in 1955.


Philip Kreis Truma founder

Truma Established

After WWII, Philipp Kreis opened a language school in Munich. The lack of electricity in the post-war period was a major problem for evening courses, giving him the idea of going into gas light production. Due to the increasing demand for gas lights, Philipp finds himself producing and selling them in large quantities in a very short space of time. On October 27th, 1949, he registered his trademark under the company name Truma.


First Truma Patent

First Patent

On November 10th, 1950 Philipp Kreis was granted his first patent for the invention of a gas light for all flammable gases.


Truma Heat Radiator

Truma Heat Radiator

The Truma heat radiator became available in 1954. A heater delivers 440 thermal units (= 0.5 kW). It is the ideal small heater for many applications – and, thanks to the exhaust gas system, is also suitable for household purposes and vehicles.


Truma 1955

Mass Production of Light Fittings

Truma began mass producing the Model 55 light in 1955. It is the first light on the market to be fitted with a heat-resistant diaphragm valve. A new pear-shaped opal globe with reflector increases light output by 25%. Truma now has twelve employees.


Truma Valve

Truma Valve

The Truma valve with diaphragm seal, patented since 1955, is improved to the "quick-acting valve with rotary switch" and is produced in many models with different connections. The valve can be used universally for compressed air, gas and many liquids. The diamond-shaped operating handle clearly shows the position of the valve.

The 1960s

The Hippie Movement and the Moon Landing

The oft-cited 1960s were a decade of upheaval, leading to left-wing civil rights movements. The Beatles made music history along with five brothers from Indiana known as the Jackson 5.  The hippie movement reached its high point in 1969 at the Woodstock festival. Other significant memories: the miniskirt, which took the fashion world by storm, Neil Armstrong, who became the first person to set foot on the moon, and US President John F. Kennedy, whose visit to Berlin marked a turn in international relations. The technology sector was dominated by a plethora of everyday inventions that are still with us today, including the color television and electronic pocket calculator.


Truma first Caravan heating (1961)

The First RV Heating System

Truma-matic is "the first officially recognized caravan heating system", February sees the sale of the 100,000th Truma light and the 500,000th Truma valve. The company expands, moving into newly built premises in the Berg-am-Laim area of Munich in July.


Truma Logo (1963)

Logo Evolves Through the Years

Old flame – new logo: The Truma logo featured a circle and a flame we still use today.


Improved Air Distribution Truma (1967)

Trumatic S 3000

The new freedom and larger RVs demand more heating power. Truma introduces the Trumatic S 3000 with 3000 HU (= 3.5 kW) to the market. The visual appearance of the heater is improved the following year: the new smooth cover can be removed easily, while slits allow users to see the flame. With the Trumatic-SD 2000, SB 1800 and S 3000, Truma offers "the right heater for every caravan".


Trumatic (1968)

Improved Warm Air Distribution

Warm air distribution for increased comfort: flexible pipes and infinitely variable outlets enable heat to be distributed wherever it is needed.


Truma Valve

Fully Automatic Changeover: Duomatic Gas Cylinder System

Truma introduces the Duomatic gas cylinder system, making the process of changing over from operating cylinders to reserve cylinders fully automatic. The regulator also comes complete with a pressure indicator so that the gas system can be checked for leaks.

The 1970s

Flower Power and Disco Balls

Vibrant colors, geometric patterns, and futuristic designs are the hallmarks of the 1970s. From furniture and fashion to technology, the directive was to make it colorful. The 1970s were memorable due to profound changes in American politics, societal norms, and moral ground. The music scene saw flower power and disco balls with legendary bands such as Abba and the Bee Gees. Several technical inventions of the 1970s went on to shape the future. The first email was sent as far back as 1971 and the @ symbol so familiar to us today was introduced in email addresses. It is unlikely that anyone realized at the time what impact this little gimmick would have.


Philip Kreis

Cross of Merit for Philipp Kreis

Truma founder Philipp Kreis is awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for his pioneering achievements in the field of propane gas development and central oil supply.


Truma Customer Service - 1972

Truma Customer Service

Truma launches its own mobile customer service network in Germany – a unique service in the market.


Trumatic E-Heater - 1975

Trumatic E Heater

The Trumatic E, an electronically controlled heater, is launched. It can be installed in mobile homes, boats or trucks.


Truma Therme Water Heating

Truma Therme Water Heating

The new Truma Therme brings hot water supplies to RVs and motorhomes for the first time. Water is heated by the warm air system in the gas heater.

The 1980s

Neon Colors and Technology Revolution

Anyone thinking of the 1980s immediately pictures bright neon colors, slim-fit tapered jeans, and big hair. Materialism and consumerism saw a rise, and MTV introduced the streaming music video format.  Families gathered to watch more television with shows like Family Ties and Cheers. The Walkman changed how we consumed music. The 1980s heralded the start of the information age generally. IBM brought out the first personal computer, which came with either 16KB or 64KB of storage.


Truma Boiler (1981)

Truma Boiler

Truma perfects the RV water heater by developing a gas boiler which makes taking a shower in recreational vehicles possible for the very first time.


Truma Administration Building (1983)

Administration Building and Climate Chamber in Putzbrunn

New, modern buildings are added in Putzbrunn to bring production, engineering and administration to one location. This provides scope for expansion. This year also sees the introduction of a climate chamber that is even suitable for large motor homes, providing a location in which Truma can test equipment and vehicles under the harshest conditions.


Trumatic (1984)

Mini Heat Exchanger for Trumatic E 1800

Truma designs a mini heat exchanger that provides the desired heat output due to the shape of its surface. It is used in the new Trumatic-E 1800 heater, which can be installed in many different locations because of its small size; in compact motor homes, small lorry cabins, sports boats and as an additional heater in large caravans and motor homes.


Renate Schimmer-Wottrich (1988)

Renate Schimmer-Wottrich Takes Over as Manager

The daughter of the company’s founder, Renate Schimmer-Wottrich, takes over the management of the company as managing partner. Philipp Kreis withdraws from the day-to-day operation.


Truma - modernized-production facilites (1989)

Modernized Production Facilities

The production facilities are modernized. All production processes are optimized and reorganized.

The 1990s

Climate Change and the Digital Age

The 1990s are often referred to as a time of relative peace and prosperity. German reunification in 1990 and the end of the Cold War marked the start of a new age for Germany, Truma’s parent country, which was also reflected in realignments across the world. The dangers of climate change were recognized, and a climate conference was held in Kyoto, Japan. The market for consumer electronics boomed, producing lots of popular products: the first Gameboy came out, the Discman replaced the Walkman, and IBM made a name for itself when a computer called Deep Blue beat world chess champion Garry Kasparov in a tournament. 


Truma Extension Building

Extension Building and High-bay Warehouse

A program of building modernization and expansion begins: the kitchens, canteen and training center become a communications center and a bridge links the production building to the new distribution warehouse. State-of-the-art training rooms are installed, so that even more customers now have access to the training Truma has been providing for many years.


Trumatic C (1994)

Trumatic C Goes Into Production

The new Trumatic C supplies heat and hot water from a single device. Many manufacturers of motor homes add the Trumatic C as a product feature immediately.


Truma UK (1997)

Truma UK Established

The Truma UK subsidiary is founded for sales and service of Truma products throughout the United Kingdom. In 1997, Alde becomes part of the Truma Group. The Swedish company manufactures water heaters.


Truma 1st Manoveuring System (1999)

The First Truma Maneuvering System: The Mover

Truma adds maneuvering systems for RVs to its product portfolio. During the course of the same year, an air conditioning system is developed and launched.

The 2000s

A New Millenium

The new millennium was celebrated in style all over the world and good wishes for the New Year were sent in around ten billion text messages. Mobile phones become more important in business communications as well. Technical progress in many areas was rapid. It took just ten years, for instance, for analogue cameras to be squeezed out by digital cameras. In Europe, the era of the D-mark, lira and franc came to an end with the introduction of the euro. In a much more negative turn of events, the terror attacks on the World Trade Center produced searing images that will remain branded in our memories.


Merit Cross Mrs. Schimmer-Wottrich (2003)

Cross of Merit for Renate Schimmer-Wottrich

Renate Schimmer-Wottrich was awarded the Cross of Merit in 2003 for her entrepreneurial and social achievements.


Truma (2005)

Technology and Innovation Center

The new Technology and Innovation Center includes many new laboratories, two new cold and climate chambers for vehicles, and a state-of-the-art test facility for developing air conditioning systems.


Truma Saphir AC - (2006)

The Lightest in Its Class

The new Saphir vario air conditioning system with power inverter is by far the quietest in its class, providing cooling functions on three levels and suitable for use on the move or stationary at 12 V or 230 V.


Introduction of Truma Combi (2007)

Introduction of the Truma Combi

Truma launches the Truma Combi, its new heating system for motor homes. Replacing the Trumatic C, , the Combi is more compact and even more lightweight. The opening of the company’s Italian subsidiary Truma Italia S.r.l. brings Truma even closer to its customers in the rest of mainland Europe.


Renate-Schimmer Wottrich (2008)

Renate Schimmer-Wottrich Steps Down From the Management Board

Renate Schimmer-Wottrich resigns from the management board to take over as chair of the advisory board.


Truma Mover (2009)

Even Lighter, Even More Reliable: The R-class Mover

The new Mover R maneuvering systems are introduced, offering yet more power and reliability. Truma continues to grow and opens a new office in China in 2008.

The 2010s

Digital Revolution and Artificial Intelligence

The digital revolution continued in the 2010s: companies discovered social networks, and the Internet of Things become a catchword for global networking. Specialized artificial intelligence firms were more in demand than ever before. German football fans had reason to celebrate in 2014 when Joachim Low led the national team to World Cup victory. Social movements gained traction with Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and climate change as an earthquake devastated Haiti, and BP was blamed for a disastrous oil spill.


Crash Sensor Truma (2010)

Safety on the Road: The Crash Sensor

The new gas pressure regulation systems MonoControl CS and DuoControl CS with crash sensor take safety for heating on the move to the next level.


Truma 1st roof-mounted AC (2011)

First Roof-mounted Truma Air Conditioning System: The Aventa

Truma launches their first rooftop air conditioner for the European market: the Aventa Comfort for RVs and motor homes. The Aventa air conditioning system supports not only cooling but also heating, with its energy-saving heat pump. The Mover TE R4 is introduced and can maneuver RVs and trailers weighing up to 3000 kg


Truma 50th anniversary heating (2012)

50 Years of Caravan Heating Systems

In 2012 Truma celebrated 50 years of producing RV heaters. Truma offers two new versions of the legendary S-heater: The S 3004 and S 5004.


blue house on Jackson Street in Elkhart

Coming to America

Truma continues their global expansion with a new subsidiary in Elkhart, Indiana, serving the North American RV market.


Truma AquaGo

Instant, Constant, Endless Hot Water

Truma launches its first product specially developed for the North American market, the Truma AquaGo. The continuous heater produces an infinite supply of warm water at a constant temperature at the push of a button.


Alexander Wottrich joins Truma (2015)

Alexander Wottrich Joins the Company

Truma Group leadership passes the torch to the third generation by appointing Alexander Wottrich as Managing Director, overseeing Truma Gerätetechnik, Alde, and Powrwheel. Truma North America celebrates first $1 million earned.


Truma VarioHeat (2017)

Truma VarioHeat Replaces E Heaters

VarioHeat replaces the popular Trumatic E 2400 and E 4000. It is a completely new development, is especially light and compact and allows flexible installation.


Alexander Wottrich - 2018

Alexander Wottrich Appointed Technical Managing Director

On January 1, 2018, Alexander Wottrich took over the position of Technical CEO. He leads Research & Development and Supply Chain Management. In addition, he will continue as Managing Director of the Truma Group.


A New Chapter

Truma opens their new North American Headquarters in Elkhart. The new, modern building is home to corporate offices, warehouse space, a service center, and state-of-the-art climate chamber. Truma celebrates 70 years of providing premium RV systems and accessories.

The 2020s

New Decade Brings New Opportunities

As most know, 2020 started off with an unprecedented situation, the coronavirus-19 pandemic. Across the globe, “new normals” became standard, and industries felt different repercussions. For example, travel and work restrictions led to increases in remote employment and virtual meetings. These new travel guidelines also led to leisure and holiday time being spent domestically. The RV industry experienced a boost in units manufactured and sold from 2020-2022, while the IT industry saw telephone and video conferencing needs skyrocket. Thanks to the unique start to the decade, new business models, innovations, and creative ideas continue to emerge with positive effects.


Gaining Ground in US Market

Truma AquaGo, Combi, and VarioHeat gain market share in US as RV sales soar. Truma extends its product range with portable fridge/freezers. Truma Coolers cool products down to temperatures of -8°F (-22°C) and can therefore also be used for freezing.


Cool, Quiet Comfort: Truma Aventa

Truma Aventa enters the North American market as a more powerful, but equally quiet and efficient, cousin to the European model.


Continued Growth

Truma recognizes 9th consecutive year of significant growth in North America and reaches $60 million


truma north america 10th anniversary logo

10 Years "Simply Better"

Truma celebrates 10 years of providing "Simply Better" systems and service in North America