Truma iNet Set

The easy way to app control

  • Control iNet-compatible heaters and air conditioners with the app

  • Use the automatic climate control with the app

  • Set heat and cold alarms (Important note: Temperature alarm is not available with the Combi Diesel heaters.)

  • Check the vehicle status while you’re on the go

More details about Truma iNet Set

The Truma iNet Set consists of the Truma iNet Box and the CP plus iNet ready digital control panel. Both of these are required in order to control a Combi heater using the smartphone app. This makes the set perfect if you have a Combi heater with analogue control panel or non-iNet-compatible CP plus.

All you need to do is replace the control panel and fit the iNet Box in your caravan or motor home. If you have a Combi heater produced before 2013, you also need to replace the heater electronics.

Once you have joined the iNet world with the Truma iNet Set, you can conveniently control your Combi heater via the app. Further functions are available when combined with an iNet-compatible air conditioner.

Alongside the heater and air conditioner, you can integrate other devices into the iNet System like the LevelControl. This device uses ultrasound to measure the gas level, before communicating it to the Truma App. You can therefore see at a glance how much gas you have left and can change the cylinder in time.

Find out more about the iNet System and its components.

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