Combi 4

Combi heater

Heating and hot water for small and medium-sized vehicles

  • Water heats up within a short time

  • Optimum warm air distribution via four air outlets

  • Extremely light and compact, which allows various installation options

  • Low energy consumption

  • Durable stainless steel water tank

  • The Combi 4 heater also works without a filled water tank

More details about Combi 4

Enjoy twice the comfort with Combi 4: space and water heater in one appliance. This saves space and weight in your motor home or caravan. A 10-litre water tank, which is also heated in winter, is integrated into the system. In summer mode you can heat the water independently of the space heater. The warm air flows into the vehicle’s interior through four air outlets where it is distributed optimally to ensure a pleasant indoor climate. The Combi heater is almost silent and extremely economical to run.

Your Combi 4 is controlled conveniently with a digital control panel. If you also have a Truma air conditioner in your vehicle, you can select the automatic climate control option on the control panel. It automatically coordinates the Combi heater and air conditioner and keeps your preferred temperature constant in all weathers.

  • FrostControl, the drain valve that works without electricity, fitted as standard
  • Digital control panel CP plus iNet ready
  • Automatic climate control in combination with a Truma air conditioner
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Find suitable accessories.
FrostControl heating element for Combi heaters When the heater is switched on, the heating element quickly warms to ten degrees Celsius. Consequently, the water container can be filled regardless of the room temperature. Complete with 1.5 m cable.
Optimum warm air distribution Precisely coordinated modular system. Ensures even, comfortable heat distribution throughout the interior.
Surface-mounted frame CP plus For installation of the digital CP plus iNet ready control panel in caravans or motor homes, if the control panel cannot be flush mounted in the wall.
Cowl extension KVC for Truma Combi heaters Prevents the heater flame extinguishing in case of strong winds or a lot of snow. For caravans and motor homes. Length: 30 cm
Awning warmer Directs the warm air from the existing caravan heater directly into the awning. If more heat is required, a second awning warmer can be installed.