Truma appliance pressure controller VDR 50/30

Appliance pressure controller VDR

Run new appliances on older systems

  • It is approved for all standard LPG appliances in caravans

  • Integrated bypass hole for a gas leak check to be carried out to the gas appliance at the required test pressure of 150 mbar

  • Including a sticker that shows the conversion – important for servicing

Product details FAQs and downloads
Product details FAQs and downloads

More details about the appliance pressure controller VDR 50/30

In older vehicles with a 50 mbar gas system, the Truma pressure controller enables you to use the latest generation of 30 mbar appliances. To do this, install the VDR 50/30 in the gas line between the shut-off valve and the 30 mbar appliance. You need a pressure controller for each appliance.

According to the Technical Rules for Liquefied Gas 2010 (, the appliance pressure controller may also be used in mobile homes in combination with type C gas appliances according to DIN EN 624 (e.g. all Truma LPG heaters) or storage water heaters according to DIN EN 15033 (e.g. Truma water heaters).

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Find suitable accessories.
High-pressure hoses with hose rupture protection To operate appliances while driving or stationary. In case of damage, the safety device is triggered and immediately stops the gas flow.