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Truma gas supply

The aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning, a hot shower before you go to bed: with the innovative Truma appliances for motor home and caravan gas systems you can always feel at home. The products provide convenience and safety – even while you're on the road.

Truma gas pressure regulator for stationary mode: safe stationary operation

If you operate your caravan or motor home gas system when stationary, it is sufficient to have a single or two-cylinder regulator without crash sensor. This reduces the gas pressure reliably to 30 mbar and, like all Truma gas pressure regulators, meets the highest safety standards.

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Truma gas filter

Oily particles are carried along with the gas flow as aerosols, depositing themselves in the regulators and blocking them. The Truma gas filter effectively protects the gas system from contamination in gas cylinders.

Truma gas filling level display: no more empty gas cylinders

The gas filling level measurement devices from Truma determine the level in your gas cylinders, using ultrasound. They are easy to use, measure very reliably and are suitable for everyone who uses gas cylinders – from campers to tradesmen.

Accessories for Truma gas supply

For gas pressure regulators or your caravan gas system: Truma has well-designed accessories for your caravan or motor home gas system that are ideally coordinated with each other. This allows optimum, reliable use of the gas pressure regulator system.

Accessories for

Gas pressure regulators (black)
Gas pressure regulators (grey, drive)
Gas pressure regulators (grey, static)
Truma gas filter (black)
Truma gas filter (grey)
MonoControl CS gas tank
Truma gas filling level measurement devices
Gas lights
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If you require information about Truma Service Centres in the UK, please contact Truma UK on:

Phone: 01283 587960

Service times
Monday – Friday 8.30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m.
Weekends and bank holidays: Closed

If you have a question about an appliance, always have information about the appliance type, year of manufacture and factory number at hand. You'll find this on the type plate on the appliance.

Truma type plate

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