Mover SX

Truma Mover SX

Manoeuvring assistant with manual engagement and disengagement for single-axle caravans

  • Manual engagement and disengagement with a lever movement

  • Reliable and precise steering with no effort

  • Intuitive remote control with control knob (steering) and slide control (acceleration)

  • Easy to fit to all normal frames with L or U profile

  • Official operating permit means that no TÜV registration is needed (Germany)

Product details Product specifications FAQs and downloads
Product details Product specifications FAQs and downloads

More details about Mover SX

Mover SX is the base model among the Truma manoeuvring assistants and moves single-axle caravans weighing up to 2000 kilograms. It is the first manoeuvring assistant with manual engagement and disengagement on the market with stepless control.

You swivel the two drive units of the Mover SX manually from one side on to the wheels with a lever movement. This can be done without much effort and with no cranking thanks to the well thought-out mechanical design. With the remote control, you can then manoeuvre your caravan smoothly, jerk-free and very accurately.

Like all Truma manoeuvring assistants, the Mover SX has an automatic stop function. As soon as the Mover SX is outside the range of the remote control, the caravan stops immediately.

  • Handles inclines of up to 13 per cent
  • Smooth manoeuvring thanks to stepless control
  • The caravan can be rotated on its own axis (360°)
  • Protected against corrosion and resistant to salty spray water during winter and to dust, moisture, oil, petrol, salty air and UV radiation
  • For caravans up to 2000 kg
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