Let’s make a move!

  • For caravans up to 2000 kg
  • Straightforward engagement/disengagement as well as secure manoeuvering via radio remote control
  • New motor offering more power and better performance
  • Can cope with gradients of up to 15% at 2000 kg
  • Protected against corrosion and resistant to oil, salt, moisture, etc.
  • At 33 kg, the lightest in its class
 Mover® SE RMover® TE RMover® SR
Total permissible weight (caravan/other trailer vehicles)2000 kg2250 kg2000 kg
Size of trailer vehicleSingle-axleTwin-axleSingle-axle
Required power supply 12 V DC12 V DC12 V DC
Average power consumption (level ground)Approx. 35 AApprox. 35 AApprox. 20 A
Maximum power consumption (maximum consumption, control unit shutdown)150 A150 A 120 A
Rest current consumption< 15 mA < 15 mA< 20 mA
Max. hill climbing ability*15%*10%*13%*
Weight33 kg33 kg34 kg**
Engagement/disengagement ElectricalElectricalManual
Remote control for manoeuvringIncludedIncludedIncluded
* Standard ascent chocks (gradient of approx. 20%) can be driven over without any difficulty (short-term load). Trailer vehicles of max. 1200 kg in weight can negotiate gradients of 25% for a brief period.
** Incl. cross actuation device. Enables both drive assemblies to be engaged and disengaged at the same time with a single hand movement.

Additional benefits of the Mover® SE R

  • Effortless engagement and disengagement
  • Caravan can be rotated about its own axis (360°)
  • Secure and gentle manoeuvring thanks to soft start and stop function, on any surface
  • Straightforward installation without drilling or welding on frame
  • Wear-free Durasoft drive featuring powerful, durable gearbox
  • Aluminium rollers with a large diameter grip the tyres securely without slipping and without damaging them
  • Extremely stable radio connection (control unit transmits and receives at 868 MHz)
  • No need for inspection by officially recognised experts (TÜV; in Germany) thanks to general operating permit (ABE)


  • Automatic stop function: immediately activated outside of remote control range and in the event of a fault in the manoeuvring system’s drive motors
  • Mechanical emergency disengagement function: in the event of a fully discharged or defective caravan battery (special key included in scope of delivery)
  • 13-pin safety socket: accidental engagement or disengagement whilst driving is impossible, as plug contact is required for manoeuvring

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