Additional electric heater Ultraheat

Suitable for caravansSuitable for motorhomes

Get nice and warm, nice and fast - whatever the situation

  • The perfect enhancement for a Truma S heater
  • Heats up incredibly fast, whatever the weather
  • Three power settings for individual heating comfort (500/1000/2000W)
  • Maximum power consumption of 8.5 A
  • Heat can be provided by the S heater on its own, by both S heater an Ultraheat (3 levels) at the same time, or just by the Ultraheat at those times of the year where full heating performance is not yet needed
  • Weight 2 kg
 Additional electric heater Ultraheat
Energy sourceElectrical power
Power supply230V / 50 Hz
Power consumption at operating levels
500 W
1000 W
2000 W

2.2 A
4.5 A
8.5 A
Weight2 kg

Additional benefits of Ultraheat

  • Flexible warm air distribution via existing fan and warm air ducts
  • Thermostatic control at all operating levels
  • Also available with remote sensor for optimum room temperature control
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