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Is it possible to connect a gas cylinder located outside my vehicle to the new regulator system?
Yes, a special high-pressure hose 1.5 m in length is available for German gas cylinders of 5 to 33 kg (with G.5 and G.12 thread; also used in A, NL).
Is it possible to integrate existing EisEx de-icers used in existing regulator systems into the new system?
No, as the existing EisEx was clipped to the regulator. The dimensions of the EisEx changed recently and it is now inserted directly into the gas pressure regulator. As a result, the controller is smaller and the EisEx is more efficient.
Can older components (Triomatic, Duomatic L Plus) continue to be used for the new DuoComfort regulator system?

Yes. The older control panels can be used again for the Duomatic and Triomatic. In the case of the Duomatic L Plus, a few simple steps need to be taken to renew it. The wiring (from the gas cylinder box to the control panel) however can be used again. For more information and a connecting diagram for older cable routings and control panels use original installation instructions for the new DuoC remote indicator.

Why is a new regulator system needed?

With motor homes as of construction year 01/2007, in accordance with the heating equipment directive 2001/56/EC with annexes 2004/78/EC and 2006/119/EC for the operation of a liquid gas heater while driving, a safety shut-off device must be provided that prevents gas from inadvertently escaping if a
line breaks in the event of an accident.

In combination with high-pressure gas hoses with integrated hose rupture protection (HRP), The Truma Secumotion (with integrated gas flow monitor) and MonoControl CS and DuoControl CS (with integrated crash sensor) gas pressure regulation systems comply with all of the relevant standards, regulations and directivesand therefore allows the gas system to be used throughout Europe, also while driving.

We also recommend the use of a safety device for heating while driving in caravans.

For vehicles manufactured before 01/2007 there are no restrictions for operating the gas system while driving **.

** Exception for France:
In France the operation of a gas system while driving is only permitted in type-tested vehicles with initial registration as of 01.01.2007. In older vehicles the operation of the gas system while driving is also non-permissible in combination with a safety shut-off device.

Does the permission to operate in non-compliance apply to vehicles or to the old regulator?
The permission to operate only applies to the vehicle. If your regulator or your gas hose is more than 10 years old, it must be replaced with a new one.

* Exception in France
In France, gas hoses must be replaced after 6 years.
Previously I have been using the heating whilst travelling (winter camper); do I now need to replace my regulator?

No. Older vehicles of course benefit from permission to operate in non-compliance and it is not absolutely essential to have your regulator replaced on account of the coming into force of the new heating appliance directive, unless it is already more than 10 years old. In France, for example, gas cylinders have to remain closed whilst on the move. Heating is only permitted in France whilst on the move if your vehicle is fitted with the new regulator system.

Note: According to worksheet G 607 ("Gas tests"), pressure regulators and gas hoses must be replaced every 10 years in Germany and also in other European countries (EN 12864 recommendation).

* Exception in France
In France, gas hoses must be replaced after 6 years.

How can I tell which high-pressure hose is needed for which country?

We have compiled a list of which high-pressure hose is needed for which country in an overview. You will also find this table in the operating instructions of the gas pressure regulation systems and on the packaging of the high-pressure hoses.

May I leave my gas cylinders connected whilst driving?

Yes, connected gas cylinders are regarded as operating materials which are not considered hazardous (ADR approval in accordance with sections and e). Gas cylinders that are not connected to the gas installation must be closed at all times and protective caps must be fitted.

Is there also a gas filter for gas tanks?

No, the Truma gas filter must not be fitted to gas tanks because of approval restrictions in the installation regulations of EN 1949 and the restricted amount of space.
It will depend on the approval situation whether a variant will be available for gas tanks at a later date.

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