Recommended accessories for Truma gas pressure regulators

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Detects the filling level of your gas cylinders

The practical LevelCheck uses LED’s for quick and reliable indication of whether there is liquid gas in the measured area.. The measuring device is simply placed against the gas cylinder in a vertical position.

  • Reliable measurement using ultrasound
  • With integrated LED torch
  • Not for refillable tank gas cylinders
  • The LevelCheck won both the "Caravaning Design Award" and the "Il Salone del Camper Award" in 2012

Is there anything that I need to pay particular attention to when using the LevelCheck gas cylinder level indicator?

For all steel and aluminium gas cylinders with a diameter of 200-350 mm
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Keeps the gas system clean

Protect the gas pressure regulator and the valves from soiling and oil contamination. The gas filter is installed upstream of the gas pressure regulator. It filters evaporation residue (oily aerosols) from the flow of gas before they are deposited and clog up the regulator. And 99% of this residue is removed (conventional particle filters only manage 30% within this range). Perfect for problem-free operation and a long service life.

  • High degree of separation of 99%
  • Filter cartridges are easy to replace
For all wall-mounted gas pressure regulation units.


Automatic changeover system for two-cylinder gas systems conforming to the very latest European directives (EN 13786, Annex B).

  • Integrated status display
  • Cylinders can be changed without interrupting the gas supply
  • Automatic changeover to reserve cylinder
  • Easy to preset from reserve to operating cylinder
  • Part no: 51500-01
Suitable for SecuMotion, MonoControl CS or the related GOK gas pressure regulator EN61-DS.

Remote indicator DuoC

Have total piece of mind: with DuoC, you can now see the status of the preset gas cylinder when you’re inside the vehicle. EisEx de-icer is integrated to prevent frost intervention.

  • Part no: 50210-01
Suitable for DuoComfort/DuoControl and DuoControl CS.

EisEx 12 V

At temperatures of around 0°C,  traces of water occurring in liquid gas can lead to the formation of small droplets of ice or propane hydrate in the regulator. This can reduce or even stop the gas supply.

Truma's EisEx regulator de-icing system provides a supply of electrical heat to prevent fragments of ice from forming. The EisEx can ensure a consistent gas supply even in wintry conditions.

  • Part no: 53101-01
Suitable for MonoControl CS, DuoControl CS, SecuMotion, DuoComfort and DuoControl.

High-pressure hoses with hose rupture protection

The safety high-pressure hoses with hose rupture protection are a statutory requirement for heating whilst on the move. The original Truma high-pressure hoses with hose rupture protection comply to all requirements of the relevant gas regulations.

The high-pressure hoses are available in lengths of 450 and 750 mm. Connectors are available in six different designs, ensuring that the hoses can be used throughout Europe.

These high-pressure hoses with hose rupture protection can also be used whilst stationary for increased safety. View detailed list of countries

Tools for installing the regulator

Tools such as the 90° angle unions maximise flexibility for installation in the gas cylinder box.

Additional kit DuoC

For use with DuoControl (CS) or DuoComfort in the case of gas cylinder distances of more than 100 cm

  • Part no: 50020-61100
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