I have an older motor home and want to use the gas-operated appliances while driving – do I have to replace my gas pressure regulator?

Vehicles registered before 2007 are protected by a grandfather clause and may still be operated with a gas regulator without a crash sensor while the vehicle is in motion. However, the regulator and hoses must be replaced after 10 years.

In France, heating in vehicles while driving is allowed if the vehicle is equipped with a regulator system (such as MonoControl CS, DuoControl CS, Secumotion) and the vehicle was registered after 1 January 2007.

Note: In Germany, according to work sheet G 607 ("Gas Checks") and also in other European countries (recommended according to EN 12864), gas pressure regulators and gas hoses must be replaced every ten years. In France, gas hoses must be replaced after six years.

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