How do I fill the Truma electric boiler?

  • Check whether the drain valve in the cold water supply is closed: lever horizontal, position (a).
  • Open the hot water tap in the bathroom or kitchen, set premixers or mixer taps to “warm”.
  • Switch on the power to the water pump (main switch or pump switch).
  • Leave the fittings open until the Truma electric boiler has been filled by displacing the air and water is flowing.
  • In frosty conditions, filling may be prevented by remaining frozen water. The boiler can be thawed by switching it on briefly (max. 2 minutes). Frozen pipes can be thawed by heating the interior.
a = lever position “closed”
b = lever position "drain"

Remember that the drain valve must be activated regularly to prevent limescale and ensure that it is not blocked.

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