How do I cool my caravan or motor home especially effectively?

You can keep a cool head at any temperature by following the tips:
  • Before starting the system, check that the camp site has adequate fuses (min. 4 A).
  • Position your vehicle in shade if possible.
  • Closing blinds reduces heat radiation.
  • Clean your roof at regular intervals – dirty roofs are hotter roofs.
  • Ventilate the vehicle properly before starting the appliance in order to remove accumulated warm air from the vehicle.
  • To obtain a healthy indoor climate, the difference between inside and outside temperatures should not be too large.
  • During operation, the circulated air is cleaned and dehumidified. Dehumidifying moist air creates a pleasant indoor climate even if the temperature differences are not great.
  • When cooling, close all doors and windows so that no condensation forms on the air distributor.