Truma support Bailey on their #ArcticAdventure

Early in 2017 Truma packed their winter woollies and set off on an adventure across the Arctic.

Truma arctic adventure car and caravan on a snowy street

With one of Europes largest manufacturers, Bailey of Bristol, the mission was to test their award-winning Alu-Tech body shell technology on both a caravan and motorhome and the effectiveness of the Truma Combi heater; the ultimate test of endurance proved a momentous success.

The trip was hosted in association with the Caravan and Motorhome Club where several hardy souls were invited along on the 16-day trip, covering 5,000 miles and visiting 12 countries including the home of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi in Finland!

Truma’s Combi heating system is fitted into the Bailey Pursuit caravan one of which made the entire journey to the Artic and back. The trip allowed a true to life test of its competence and capability in temperatures well below freezing.

At our UK site our climate chamber test facility has put many Bailey Caravans through their paces and the Artic Adventure provided the chance to put the Pursuit model to the Ultimate test – keeping three grown men comfortable and warm after a hard day driving across the various countries.

The Adventure also gave the team the chance to use our Combi heater in conjunction with our iNet system, so following a long day out on a snow mobile the heater was turned on remotely ensuring the van was cosy and warm for the teams return.

Our Managing Director, Martin Fitzpatrick holds many great memories from the trip and says;

“It was a pleasure to support the Bailey team on the Artic Adventure and to experience just how well modern caravans and motorhomes can cope with even the harshest conditions. After a long day driving through the pine forests of Finland it was a delight to pitch the Pursuit caravan quickly, get the kettle and heating on and then sit comfortably with the other members of the team joking about how the visibility through the snow that day hadn’t been too bad

Apart from the obvious highlight of meeting the real Santa Claus on our road trip the other great memory is the camaraderie between the travelling group. Perhaps it was the persistent danger of driving on ice roads or the joy of a beer shared at the end of the day that brought the team close together but either way it shows what great fun a caravan trip can be.

Enjoying your caravan can truly now be an all year-round experience thanks to a little help from the Truma Combi Heater”

Watch our adventure of a lifetime unfold here as we worked with Caravan Times to create memories that will last us a lifetime!

Watch our trip here...

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