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Truma Service turns 50

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The camping community and Truma go hand in hand

As the founder of the company set up his mobile service organisation in 1972, he was completely unaware of how important this special customer service would be in terms of making travel safer and more comfortable for the camping community.

It is a very special occasion for a company to celebrate a 50th anniversary. Truma is the only company in the caravanning industry to offer this kind of special service.

A particular highlight for campers

Working with customers has always been essential to Truma. Indeed, customers rest assured even after purchasing a product, knowing they are supported by Truma and will be provided with extensive support services. Regardless of whether it is maintenance or repair of products and gas systems or support by phone or e-mail.
Truma constantly maintains close contact with its customers. This plays an important role in improving its services over time and increasing the attractiveness of its products for campers.

Quick help in the case of service issues

Truma has a close-knit partner network, meaning that swift help is on hand whenever servicing is required. 2000 service points and 1500 certified Truma Partners are available to Truma customers across the globe.

Truma Service takes home the LUPO award

The Association of German Caravan and Motor Home Manufacturers awarded Truma for its continually increasing self-service range. Truma provides online support to customers to help them solve minor issues and problems themselves, if necessary. In doing so, Truma is taking exemplary steps towards relieving the workload of the service team, who are involved in processing straightforward, yet sometimes time-consuming requests.

Truma Assist is another integral part of the award, which Truma uses to provide online productive support to service staff in the workshops in the case of analysing faults, offering valuable tips for swiftly eliminating malfunctions.

Equipped with service hotlines, a qualified Truma field service and the option of being able to submit warranty claims digitally in a simple manner, Truma is making significant contributions towards supporting specialist dealers.”

“This award confirms that we are heading in the right direction by providing campers with such a sophisticated and comprehensive service infrastructure. We want to make travelling safer, with increased comfort and digital channels in future. This goes hand in hand with offering excellent customer service”, adds Michael Roither, Head of International Service & Sales.

“Maintenance and immediately eliminating faults even without being on site – digitalisation makes this possible. Systems such as Truma iNet X report their status and malfunctions in real time, which means that service engineers only need to head out to customers as and when it is absolutely necessary”, says Roither.