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Truma iNet X System

Are you on the hunt for an intelligent system solution, which is as open-minded as you are regarding new technologies? The iNet X System enables you to centrally control your indoor climate, hot water or similar, continually keep an eye on key status indicators and much more – for today and tomorrow.
The Truma iNet X System is making camping increasingly comfortable, connected and safer. In one word: smarter.

The open system solution succeeds the iNet System with future-proof and updatable functions. Once you get your hands on this system, you will always reap the benefits of our latest developments, which will be released on a gradual basis. Are you ready to get your caravan fit for the future? 

A system as intelligent as you: highlights of the iNet X System

One central operating system: control key appliances from different manufacturers and services with one central operating system. So you will always have everything under control.
Status queries at a glance: real-time status indicators for all appliances and services. So you can always keep an eye on them all.
Intuitive operation: clear and uniform user interface in the panel with colour touch display and app for intuitive operation. So you will be familiar with the system right away.
Advanced control via your smartphone: it is possible to control appliances using your own smartphone with the free Truma iNet X App. Meaning you will be smartly connected.
Future-oriented: add and benefit from further developments by means of updates – even after the system has been installed. So you will always be up-to-date.
Troubleshooting help: detailed, precise description of the fault including recommendations on how to solve the issue yourself rather than cryptic fault codes. Meaning you are independently and safely on the move.
Customisable: App interface can be configured according to individual requirements. So everything is geared to your own needs.

Truma iNet X App / Panel

Get to Know the Truma iNet X App Now!

Test our new Truma iNet X app and get an impression of how new, smart and simple to operate it is.

Find out more now!

Truma iNet X App

The Truma iNet X App is the mobile version of the Truma iNet X Panel. The App can be used to set the hot water from the comfort of your bed or to check the indoor climate while relaxing on your lounger. A Bluetooth connection is currently required for this purpose. In future, remote control will also be possible. In addition to the basic panel functions, the App offers a lot of other practical additional functions, which are continually being extended.

Important: the App is required to perform updates to your Truma iNet X (Pro) Panel. This is the only way to extend the system and to benefit from future developments. Once you get your hands on Truma iNet X System, you will always have cutting-edge technology at your finger tips.

*Both panels are based on the same technology, can be updated and extended. The appliance compatibility of the two panels varies slightly and there are also minor differences in terms of the scope of functions. More details.

Functions and further development of the Truma iNet X System

Smart today. Tomorrow too. With you by our side.

A basic scope is currently available, which is being constantly expanded. Additional appliances or services can also be integrated following installation.

  • Operation of Truma appliances*
  • Operation of third-party appliances*
  • Automatic climate control
  • Inside and outside temperature display
  • Precise fault description with advice on solutions
  • Exclusively in the Pro Panel: Display level sensors, the battery level and forecast, as well as display and control switches, e.g. multimedia or light. DuoControl & EisEx can also be integrated.

Control your heater from the ski slopes – this will also be possible in future with the Truma iNet X System 

From our experience in this sector and the many interviews we have conducted, we are aware that remote control is an absolutely necessity. We are currently working to find the right way to implement and produce this function. 
Owing to the current situation, we are not able to specify a fixed date but we will let you know as soon as we have any news.

*The scope of function varies based on the vehicle equipment. 

Current compatibility list

The Truma iNet X is a future-proof system solution, which is just as open-minded to new technologies as our customers. The Truma iNet X System can be both updated and extended. New functions and appliances are continually being added to the system. These can also be supplemented if the Truma iNet X System is already installed in your vehicle. The gradual, highly customer-focused development makes the Truma iNet X System ever smarter, so that camping becomes safer and more comfortable by the day.

In the past few years, lots of new technical standards have emerged, which we have applied to the Truma iNet X System. The new operating system is flexible and fit for the future. There will be new developments and functions that can be added on an ongoing basis. You’re buying the future, not just a panel.

The user experience is also important to us and is being continually further developed, so you will get to grips with the system in no time at all and enjoy using it.

Truma iNet X
start smart. Driving safely into the future

The key to our new technology is our new operating system. This consists of a panel that can also be controlled via your mobile phone. We’re laying the foundations today so you can travel in a smart camper van in the future.

Be smart. Hop on board

You and all the other campers are leading the way! Together we can find out which products and services offer real added value. To make sure that we can meet your needs and wants, we have intentionally made the Truma iNet X System very customer-centric.

Truma iNet X
Truma iNet X
Stay smart. Always one step ahead

Our system solution can be updated and is open to new devices. There will be new developments and functions that can be added on an ongoing basis. You’re buying the future, not just a panel.

Sophisticated menu guidance and user interface

Sophisticated menu guidance and user interface
The system features a rather intuitive design, meaning you will quickly find your feet with it. What’s more, lots of small details await you, make camping even smarter and more comfortable.

The exact range of functions depends on whether a Truma iNet X Panel or a Truma iNet X Pro Panel is installed and which appliances are connected in the vehicle.

Please note: We are optimising our system on a continual basis, meaning that changes may be made to the user interface and your panel may not look exactly like the ones in our images.