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Truma iNet System

Mornings in bed, afternoons at the beach or evenings in a restaurant: thanks to the Truma iNet System, you can control your Truma appliances conveniently with the App at any time, no matter where you are.

The Truma iNet system is no longer in production since 01.01.2023. Take a look at the Truma iNet X if you are interested in the new, smart operating system.

Components of the Truma iNet System

Truma iNet System: Smart appliance control, maximum comfort

The Truma iNet Box is the smart interface that allows you to control your Truma appliances with the App. The iNet Box is easy to install and can be retrofitted for all iNet-capable Truma air conditioning systems and Combi heaters.

Truma air conditioners that are compatible with the iNet System

It couldn’t be easier: While you’re relaxing on your lounger at the beach, you can switch on the air conditioner in your caravan from the App. No matter whether you own an Aventa roof-mounted air conditioner or a Saphir storage box system: these systems are compatible with the Truma iNet System.

Heaters that are compatible with the iNet System

Switch on the heater while you’re still on the ski slopes and experience the luxury of returning to a warm caravan or motor home. Simply use the App to set the temperature, and the Combi heater will heat your vehicle to a comfortable indoor climate.

How the Truma iNet System works

The Truma iNet Box is the central control unit for your Truma appliances. It connects the air conditioner and heater with your smartphone, receives the control commands and routes them to the appliances. The control is via SMS, or Bluetooth if the appliance is within range.

Control your air conditioning and heating systems with the free Truma App. Enjoy automatic climate control by combining a Combi heater with a Truma air conditioner. You can also operate two different Truma air conditioners in a Truma iNet System.