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Truma “Combi D” – the next generation

The new highlight in the Truma heater range

Truma Combi D

Truma “Combi” heaters are a firm favourite among motorhome owners and van fans. The combined models with heater and hot water in just one appliance offer twice the comfort and since their market launch in 2007 have proven a versatile, economical and efficient addition to everyday camping. Truma Gerätetechnik is now launching the next generation of the “Combi D” models, which is setting new standards with a variety of optimisations.

The update to the product range at a glance:

Lighter: It’s hard to miss the considerable weight savings of the “Combi D – next generation”. As the Truma “Combi D” weighs 3 kg less than its predecessor and the Truma “Combi D (E)” is 3.4 kg less.

More economical and durable: What’s more, the new models run more economically with very low battery power consumption and reduced diesel consumption. The key to this success is in more efficient combustion control, which also leads to an increased service life in the long term.

More efficient: To ensure you keep warm in the RV even in inclement weather, “Combi” diesel heaters of the next generation enable up to 25% faster heating in mixed mode (diesel + electrical) thanks to a powerful output of 6,900 W (“Combi D 6 E” model).

More independent: A second pump (altitude kit) was previously required for longer heater operation at altitudes of up to 3000 m. Depending on the altitude, an integrated pressure sensor now ensures an ideal diesel/air mixture by automatically controlling the combustion air speed.

Control functions via the new Truma iNet X System, which enables particularly intuitive operation and has plenty of additional functions readily available. The fault indicator with simultaneous instructions on how to eradicate issues is extremely practical. The Combi D – next generation can also be operated with the digital “Truma CP plus” (iNet ready) control panel and “iNet Box” and can be conveniently remote controlled using your smartphone via the Truma App.

On the whole, the optimisations provide greater ease of use and increase energy efficiency, so users hardly need to consider when to refuel their tanks. And in the worst-case scenario, diesel according EN 590 is very widely available across the globe, explains Elmar Ströhle, Technical Product Manager of Heating systems.

The “Combi” variants with additional electrical mode, which achieve a high level of efficiency with extremely low consumption, are ingenious. The “Combi D 4 E” and “Combi D 6 E” models enable maximum flexibility on your travels. Whether you prefer the convenience of a campsite or a self- sufficient holiday in the wilderness – the energy source can be chosen which best meets your needs. In doing so, you can use the reasonable flat rate and save diesel when the opportunity arises. Other benefits of electrical mode: The “Combi D 4 E” and “Combi D 6 E” run virtually silently and with zero emissions.

The accompanying advertising campaign for “Combi D – next generation”, which represents camping experiences in classic holiday regions, for example, with lighthouse scenery, also pays off for the high level of independence on your travels. With the claim: “Setting new standards in heating. The next generation of the Combi D. Economical – for your customised RV experience.”

“This message enables us to present the next generation as a further milestone in Truma’s success story. Indeed, the Combi Diesel variant is the leading 2-in-1 solution on the market for heating and hot water in one appliance with an additional hybrid function. We have further developed this competitive edge with new product characteristics”, says Strategic Product Manager for Heating Systems, Craig Hawthorne.

This of course is the same story for the next generation: Made in Germany! As all Truma “Combi” heaters are produced at the headquarters of Truma Gerätetechnik in Putzbrunn, near Munich.