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Mover smart A4

Electric swivelling manoeuvring system with four motors for twin-axle caravans up to 2800 kilograms.

No heavy work, no cranking thanks to automatic engagement and disengagement
Parking with millimetre precision wherever you wish
Easy to install on any chassis thanks to the Truma quick-mounting system
Suitable for twin-axle caravans up to 2800 kg
5-year parts warranty in the case of a retrofit by a Truma Partner
Technical Details
Permitted total weight
2800 kg
Trailer type
Double axle
Average power consumption on even ground at a total weight of
60 A / 2800 kg
Swivelling in/out
Max. climbing capacity
10% at 2800 kg
approx 64 kg
Operating voltage
12 V DC
Maximum power consumption
150 A
Quiescent current consumption
< 20 mA
Speed (depending on weight and incline)
15 cm per second
Remote control for manoeuvring

The manoeuvring system for all eventualities

The Mover smart A4 is Truma’s low-cost, fully automatic manoeuvring aid – with proven quality. The drive rollers are swivelled onto the tyres at the touch of a button – without any muscle power!

The rest is done with the remote control: you use it to manoeuvre the caravan. The soft start function ensures that the caravan starts without jerking and stops with millimetre precision. The caravan is braked as soon as you release the control buttons.

Effortless parking on the campsite following a strenuous journey.

Mover smart A4 – leaves competing devices standing

  • Handle slopes of up to 10 per cent
  • Increased operational safety thanks to automatic stop function
  • Smooth and gentle parking thanks to remote control and soft-start function

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That’s typical Truma: Extended warranty & full scope of service

If you purchase your Mover smart A4 from us at a retail outlet, you will automatically receive a five year parts warranty. Three years more than standard – as we have confidence in the quality of our work. The warranty takes effect in the case of defects which can be attributed to material or manufacturing faults.

What’s more, you will also benefit from our full customer service with this product.

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