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MonoControl CS T

Gas pressure regulator with crash sensor for gas tanks

This safety gas pressure regulator can be connected directly to the withdrawal valve of a gas tank.

Easily detect and reset triggered crash sensor
Low weight
Quick mounting possible
For safe mobile and stationary operation
Technical Details
Energy sources
Propane / butane
Inlet pressure
0.3 – 16 bar
Outlet pressure
30 mbar
Regulator output
max. 1.5 kg/h
Regulator inlet
male thread M20 x 1.5 (G. 13)
Regulator outlet
olive screw connection 8 or 10 mm (H. 9)
Crash sensor triggering value
4.0 g +/- 1.0 g
approx. 900 g


The MonoControl CS gas tank gas pressure regulator ensures a constant pressure of 30 mbar. In the event of an accident, the integrated crash sensor stops the flow of gas.


  • What do I have to consider if I want to use my gas-operated appliances while driving?

    With motor homes as of construction year 01/2007, in accordance with the heating equipment directive 2001/56/EC with annexes 2004/78/EC and 2006/119/EC for the operation of a liquid gas heater while driving, a safety shut-off device must be provided that prevents gas from inadvertently escaping if a line breaks in the event of an accident.

    In combination with high-pressure gas hoses with integrated hose rupture protection (HRP), the Truma MonoControl CS and DuoControl CS gas pressure regulators (with integrated crash sensor) comply with all of the relevant standards, regulations and directives and therefore allow the gas system to be used throughout Europe, also while driving. We recommend that you use a safety device also in caravans for heating while driving.

    For vehicles manufactured before 01/2007 there are no restrictions for operating the gas system while driving. This does not apply in France where operation of a gas system while driving is only permitted in type-tested vehicles with initial registration from 1/1/2007. In older vehicles, operation of a gas system while driving is not permitted, even in combination with a safety shut-off device.

  • How often must the gas system of a caravan or motor home be checked?

    In Germany, the gas system must be inspected every two years by an LPG expert (DVFG, TÜV, DEKRA). This is documented with an inspection certificate (G 607) and an inspection plate.