Truma and open innovation

Strong together – Truma is reinventing travel in dialogue with the travel community

Truma is perceived worldwide as an emotional brand that stands for maximum travel comfort. Millions of “Trumans” appreciate the products, the expertise and the vision to make camping even more comfortable, safe and connected through smart devices and new services.

Truma is now taking interaction with campers to the next level: “We are delighted that we have been able to establish such a great community of satisfied and happy customers over our 72 years in business. So much so, we want to involve our customers even more in shaping and developing our future. We will be integrating their ideas and wishes into intelligent product solutions. We are creating the basis for this with the Truma iNet X System,” explains Alexander Wottrich, owner and CEO of the Truma Group.

To achieve this goal, Truma is pursuing the concept of open innovation, a new form of collaboration that allows customers to participate in innovation processes in a targeted manner. Because they know best what they want in their everyday camping life and what challenges they regularly encounter while travelling.

In practice, Truma Open Innovation runs in five stages:

Listening and learning: Customer interviews, surveys and discussions are used to create an idea of the current mood. What do campers want? What are their needs? Various use cases show typical areas of activity.

Finding solutions and recognising patterns: Interviews and surveys are conducted on concrete topics and specific issues. Application examples are explored and tested for possible solutions. Ideas are collected and then evaluated by the development team, checked for their feasibility and, if the evaluation is positive, integrated into new and further developments.

Prototype testing: New solutions and prototypes will be presented to the campers. At this point, they can again make suggestions for improvement.

Further usability test: In further feedback loops, the new product or service comes closer and closer to market maturity.

The product improvement or the product launch: Existing products and services are improved, new products and services are launched. But the result is never final. Truma is constantly developing its range and continuously accepting feedback.

With the iNet X System, appearing at the Caravan Salon 2021, Truma has created the technological basis to follow the Truma Open Innovation path, because the system solution is designed as an open interface solution for exchange and interaction with customers.

Around the Caravan Salon, the principle of open innovation is already being practised in various formats. At the stand, visitors can answer questionnaires on stand panels or tablets. And on 28 August, Truma is flipping the principle around: A Q&A session will be held live at the Caravan Salon from 4 to 6 p.m. at Participants will be able to ask their questions about Truma products. The event will not only be broadcast on the event website, but also on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

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