Reorganisation and a change in management at Truma

New leading duo Markus Heringer and Lars Ludwig

Truma is laying the foundations for tomorrow: The family-run company from Putzbrunn has been reorganised and on 01.01.2021 founded the Truma Group GmbH & Co. KG. The new organisation will control the various companies of the Group: Truma Gerätetechnik, Alde, the newly formed Innovation Lab NexT and additional companies in the Group. “Thanks to the reorganisation, we are well positioned to more effectively coordinate our companies, use synergies, and be on a good footing for the future with regard to innovations and internationalisation”, explains Alexander Wottrich, grandson of the company founder, Philipp Kreis.

Move to the Truma Group
The former leading duo – Alexander Wottrich and Robert Strauß – will move to managerial roles at the Truma Group. “As CEOs of the Group, we will focus on the strategic alignment of our companies and businesses on a global level”, explains Robert Strauß. Alexander Wottrich adds: “I am delighted that my mother, Renate Schimmer-Wottrich, will continue to offer her expertise as Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of the Truma Group.”

New management
Markus Heringer replaces Robert Strauß as Commercial Managing Director at Truma. The 40-year old has been at the company for fifteen years and has driven digital transformation as Chief Information Officer. Lars Ludwig, 45, will be promoted to the role of Technical Managing Director. As Chief Operations Officer, he was in charge of the supply chain at Truma for more than seven years and efficiently and professionally rolled out lean management in the production and logistics areas. “Both know the company inside out and thanks to their wealth of expertise, have a splendid platform for directing the company”, explains Wottrich. “We really appreciate this great opportunity and at the same time it poses an exciting challenge to be more actively involved in shaping the future of Truma”, says Lars Ludwig. “We are excited about focusing on the needs of our customers and further enhancing our customer orientation”, adds Markus Heringer.